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   Chapter 961 Extra Story 99 Of Aaron Tangle

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7224

Updated: 2019-07-06 12:45

"Are you afraid that I am going to leave?" All of a sudden, Ximena asked coldly upon seeing the gloomy expression on Aaron's face. Slowly standing up while fixing her eyes on Aaron, she articulated,"No, Don't worry, I will not go."

Looking at Ximena and the way she acted, Aaron sensed that she was taking the matter seriously. However, hearing her unexpected respond, Aaron turned around swiftly to face her, as he could not believe what he had heard. When he met Ximena's insensitive gaze, his heart was totally cold because of her indifference.

"Tell me, why would I leave? What made you think that I'll leave you so soon? Huh?" The creases on her forehead were starting to wrinkle as she snorted with prodigious nonchalance,"You should remember that I never owe you anything... In fact, it is you and your mother who owe me." The more she talked, the more furious she became. She even yelled out hysterically as she finished her words. "I will be always with you Aaron, always by your side. I will remind you every day of your life of the fact that it is you who have made me in this situation. It is you who have made me suffer in that completely dark alley, where I had to wrestle for food with mice and dogs... It is you! It is all your fault!"

Sensing that it was too much for him to take, Aaron stood up abruptly while looking at Ximena, who now lost control of her temper and emotions. However, he managed to keep calm and wore a cold and calm facial expression. There was no disgust on his face, only regrets, and care for her. Under that situation, with her parents' death, if it was really Aaron who made her to undergo such circumstances, it would be impossible for her to survive knowing how lethal he was in dealing with his foes.

But now, since she lost her mind, Ximena could not think clearly and found if there was something wrong. She was just like a monster in the cage, with a pair of scarlet eyes staring at him. Even her eyes swelled up due to great anger, and she still kept staring. The nightmare haunted her until now with every detail filling her heart. Due to that excruciating dream, the unforgettable scene in the past came

u go. From now on, you should never think about leaving me." His remarks sounded hoarse and dry. He had never known that he could be exhausted in one single night after going through an extremely difficult situation. Then he continued,"Since everything is doomed to happen, Let us just be tangled with each other in this way." Curling a sardonic smile all of a sudden as if he sneered at himself, he said,"Just stay with me and remind me all this time of the fact that I should pay back what my mother owed your family."

"Ah..... Yes, I will. I'll make sure that you pay for what you have done." Ximena yelled and yelled, losing control of her emotions. She was so vexed at the thought that everything in her life turned out to be a ludicrous joke. All this time, she forgot that her parents had protected her at the cost of their life. Moreover, she had even hated them for so many years. At this moment, the only thing she could do was to apologize, she babbled repeatedly as if she was out of her mind,"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry... Ah..... Sorry... Dad, I am sorry... Mom, I am sorry... Sorry..."

While tears continued to pour down on her eyes and her shoulders trembling, Ximena's repeated apology did not make her feel better. Instead, it made Aaron hurt even more.

His pain was not for his guilt, but for what she had suffered. Her ceaseless gabble pushed him to the abyss of pain and sorrow, needless to say, pity and guilt.

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