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   Chapter 960 Extra Story 98 Of Aaron Fear

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Vivi had not expected that Aaron would tell her to leave as soon as he sat down. Hearing that, she felt very sad and her heart ached. She nearly burst into tears instantly.


Before Zoey could say anything else, Aaron's razor-sharp stare cut her off. It scared her to the bones, and it made her swallow everything she was about to say.

On the other hand, Vivi was trying her best not to talk against what Aaron did. In the end, she said,"Zoey, I'm leaving..." She tried to hide her hurt with a smile, but she just looked like she was in pain.

Zoey could do nothing but nod and see Vivi off with her eyes. After that, she couldn't help but mumble about how she was disrespected.

"What did that man say to Ximena earlier this evening?" Aaron asked straightforwardly, his stare still razor-sharp. There was not the least emotion on his face.

Hearing that, Zoey was stunned for a while. Then she opened her eyes wide and asked,"How did you know that?" Seeing that Aaron was not going to answer her question, sulkily, she said,"I was a little curious, okay? I only wanted to find some faults in her..." While saying that, she tried to wear a smile, but her face looked stiff and very fake. Finding that Aaron wasn't falling for her act and was waiting for her explanation, she continued,"I heard that man say that he is quite familiar with her parents and that her parents loved her very much. I didn't find anything important in what he said."

"That's all?" Aaron sneered slightly.

"Hmm," Zoey answered with a nod. However, very soon something came to her mind. Opening her eyes wider, she said,"Wait! it just occurred to me that he gave her something. It seemed that he also gave her a business card or something like that... I can't remember anything else. There was nothing strange, but that man mentioned that he had not been able to approach her probably because you had prevented him from doing so."

"Hmm," Aaron replied in a low voice. A glint of anger could be seen in his eyes.

He knew that the members of the organization were best at fighting the psychological battle. They were able to bring others down based on their different mental states. If that man had told Ximena about the death of her parents in a way that was no

wo walnuts. Now she could only see things through small opening her eyes allow her to see through.

Sighing, she surveyed the room she was in and saw the back of Aaron's head. Suddenly, a flurry of emotions took over her—despair, anger, hopelessness.

'How ridiculous!' she thought to herself, feeling the pain once again. When she understood what James meant by saying "family" to her, when she was determined to try her best to start a family together with Aaron, when she felt that she finally was able to grasp her happiness and that she could finally achieve peace... God threw her under the bus.

"Ximena..." Aaron's voice came through all of a sudden. He knew she had waken up though he didn't turn his head back to look at her. "Although it might sound irresponsible of me," he said, lowering his eyes. Emotion was starting to color his angelic face. He continued,"I still want to say that... it had nothing to do with me! But I'm sorry..."

Hearing that, Ximena blinked her eyes slightly. As her eyelids moved, she felt pained and saddened.

"Any action in the past should not affect us at present..." Aaron said, but suddenly, a chuckle escaped his lips. He just realized how restless he was at that moment. That was not like him at all. He had always been proud and arrogant. Everybody in QY Island would keep out of his way once they saw his lightning emblem. How could he feel so insecure like this?

"Do you fear that I would leave?" Ximena asked in a cold voice, all of a sudden.


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