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   Chapter 959 Extra Story 97 Of Aaron Fear

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Staring at the clipping, Aaron gasped. He couldn't believe what he was reading. Finally, he saw the date the newspaper had been issued. His pupils began dilating slowly. So far, everything matched with the incident. As far as he could remember, his mother seemed to be disturbed by something during that period of time. There had been something wrong with her. It seemed like she was in a bad mental state as she always had been absent-minded in front of him, terrified and in great horror. Then Zoey's father stepped in to help her. They seemed to have covered something completely, as if nothing had ever happened. It was as if everything had been just for show—a farce. But that was the extent of his knowledge. Aside from that, he didn't really know anything that had been happening.

As Aaron continued to think and jog his memory, his heartbeat began speeding up and his breath gradually became labored. 'My mother, ' he started thinking to himself, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. 'Could very likely be the person who had caused the death of Ximena's parents.' The thought shook him to his core. His thought was slowly eating him alive when his cellphone rang, and it pulled him back to reality. His eyes full of empathy, he took one last look at Ximena, who was sleeping in the bed, and hurriedly exited the room to answer the call.

"Your Highness," Ken's voice came through on the phone. "I've found one person who contacted Miss Mo a while ago."

"Hmm," Aaron answered in a low voice, his eyes still fixed on the paper on which the newspaper clippings were pasted. "Wait for me in the study."

As soon as he finished saying that, he hung up the phone and walked straight to the study. His hurried footsteps matched his racing heartbeat. It was the first time Aaron felt such a feeling.

When Aaron entered the room, Ken quickly could see that there was something wrong with him. His usual cold face was much, much sinister-looking. As far as Ken knew, such a look on Aaron's face usually forecast a bloody massacre. But then, since Aaron had taken over the Leng's Corporations, Ken had noticed that he actively restrains himself to a certain extent. 'I've not seen him like this since last y

t a cafe in front of her. "I will wait for you at the cafe in front of the banquet hall."

"Hmm," Aaron answered and then hung up. He stood up and walked out of the room.

As soon as he walked out of the study, he paused slightly, turning his head to glance at Ximena's bedroom at the other end of the corridor. Complicated emotions once again rallied in his chest. It took him quite a while to move on from that position, as if processing things. Ultimately, he turned around, got out of the manor, and headed straight towards the cafe.

The car sped in the night of QY Island. Finally, it stopped at the gate of the cafe.

Aaron got off the car and entered the establishment. Upon seeing him, the door greeter was visibly stunned for a moment. Obviously buckling, the waiter asked,"Mr. Leng, may I..."

"Where is Zoey Song?" Aaron said in a cold voice, interrupting the waiter.

The waiter was not able to react right away. "Zoey Song..." he mumbled to himself. It wasn't long before he realized what he had heard and said hastily,"Please let me guide you to her table!"

Zoey was sitting at a table in a corner, and the tables next to it were all unoccupied. Seeing Aaron, she waved her arm happily and winked at Vivi, who was sitting opposite to her.

Aaron didn't know Vivi was here until he arrived at the table. Taking a slight glance at her, he sat down and said to her in an indifferent tone,"I have something to talk to Zoey about. You can leave now."

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