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   Chapter 957 Extra Story 95 Of Aaron A Secret of Life

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The car ran steadily at a constant speed on the roads of QY Island. Ximena had been silent since she and Aaron had left the banquet hall, and she no longer looked arrogant as usual. Instead, she was spiritless, just like a plant hit by frost.

Aaron was staring at her, but she wasn't aware of that at all. Lost in her thoughts, she felt like she was in an endless maze. She wanted to walk out but she didn't know how. Her heart was beating fast. For many times she tried to calm down by taking deep breathes secretly, but she failed every time.

When they arrived at the manor, the car gradually slowed down and finally stopped.

Like a robot, Ximena picked up her handbag, opened the car door and got off the car. Then in mechanical steps she walked towards the main house. From beginning to end, she ignored Aaron completely, not saying a single word to him or giving him a single glance. In Aaron's eyes, she was like a flower whose essence had been extracted.

He got off the car too, but he didn't move after that. Standing by the car door, he fixed his deep eyes on Ximena, who was walking forward. Seeing her mechanical footsteps, he frowned slightly.

"Your Highness?" Ken said, not knowing what had happened in the banquet hall. However, he knew that Aaron had to deal with something during the banquet, so he hadn't expected Aaron had left the party this early. But then he noticed how strange Ximena was acting. This was the first time he had seen her act like this. As far as he knew, Ximena had always adopted an extremely arrogant demeanor despite her coming from a humble background, which, at times, seemed inappropriate.

"Check the list of attendees of the banquet today," Aaron ordered, his tone cold and devoid of any emotion. It interrupted Ken's train of thought. "Ask the political commissar of the island for CCTV footage at the Banyan House today. Find out who contacted Ximena during the banquet."

"Yes, Your Highness!" Ken answered loudly, as Aaron was already on his way towards the main house and far from him.

After almost running, Aaron finally got to the house's main doors. Upon opening the door, he saw Ximena walked towards her bedroom. Perceiving the complicated emotions spilling from her back, he felt sad for her.

Tailing Ximena, he also walked towards the bedroom. Suddenly, Ximena turned her head back to look at him with restless, empty eyes. Sighing, she addressed Aaron, saying,"Could you please le

ng. The photo was not very clear, but she could recognize the person being photographed at first glance. The face of the person looked very familiar. Although she had seen her photo only once on the third floor of Aaron's villa, she remembered how she looked very clearly. That person was Aaron's mother.

Seeing that, she felt like her heart was sinking. Due to an inexplicable fear, she didn't dare read the text of the newspaper clipping. However, if she didn't know what really had happened, all the years of heartbreak, sorrow, and anger would never be redeemed. After gathering all her courage, she took a deep breath, and read the newspapers.

"XX/XX/XX (date) XX (name of the newspaper)

A traffic accident that happened on Clear River Road past 10:00 pm has aroused people's deep thinking. They wonder whether some policy should be held in place in order to deal with drunk driving.

A happy family of three was on their way to a house they had just bought. They were looking forward to living a happy life but because of a drunk driver, they suffered an undeserved catastrophe. In order to protect his wife and daughter, the father made a sharp turn in order to get the driver's seat of their car face the oncoming car, which was driven by the drunk driver. The father died instantly. The mother, on the other hand, tried her best to protect her daughter, who is only three years old, with her own body. The injuries she sustained all over her body were too horrible to look at. The child was found under her mother's body, and was instantly in a coma because of the collision. The mother died on the way to the hospital.

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