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   Chapter 956 Extra Story 94 Of Aaron Mysteries

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"Men are contemptible. They don't know good from bad," she uttered every word through clenched teeth. Then turned around, without looking at Aaron any longer.

After taking a moment to think about what Vivi had said, Zoey nodded and echoed,"Sure enough... When a woman was always obedient to him, he would view her as dull and boring. However, when he came across that woman who was born to rebel, he felt curious about her and naturally liked her." With a hint of bitterness in her eyes, she continued,"I'll wait and see just how long she will remain arrogant when my older brother has finally been tired of her type..."

Upon hearing that, Vivi glanced at Zoey and then at Aaron and Ximena, who were in the rest area. Ximena was eating in a very elegant manner. Nobody except for her acquaintances would ever have imagined that she had lived such a humble life before.

Now she not only enjoyed living in Aarons' halo but, had also earned her own fame in QY Island. How could such a woman stay by Aaron's side?

Vivi wondered if Zoey was right by saying that Aaron would only be interested in a woman who defied him.

While she pondered on that thought, she noticed somebody come to Aaron. He then said a few words to Ximena and shortly after, left with that person. Vivi's gaze followed Aaron as he left the banquet hall with that person, and then she looked back at Ximena. She saw that Ximena was still eating in a leisurely manner, looking casual, yet arrogant.

"Let's sit there," Vivi said to Zoey. Then she placed some hors d' oeuvres onto a plate and walked towards the rest area.

Zoey followed her after she had placed some food onto a plate as well and headed towards the rest area. However, before the two of them reached there, they saw a middle-aged man in a dark gray suit approach Ximena and then he sat down opposite her. It appeared that Ximena didn't know who he was since she looked at him in confusion.

"Let's sit next to her," Zoey said, raising her eyebrows. Then the two women went to sit at the table close to Ximena without being noticed by her.

The backrest of the sofa was high enough to hide behind without being detected. They couldn't see whom the man was that was sitting opposite Ximena, just like Ximena couldn't see them either, but they could still hear the conversation between Ximena and the man.

"Excuse me. Who are you?" Ximena asked. Since she


Ximena sat staring at the envelope and business card for a moment, while the man's words sank into her head. Slowly she took the business card and put it into her handbag and then with a trembling hand she reached for the envelope. She wanted to open it but didn't have the courage to do so. She swallowed hard and inhaled deeply to try to settle her nerves. Once again, she reached for the envelope to open it. However, she was too afraid, and in the end, she put the envelope into her handbag as well.

When Aaron came back to her, he found that Ximena looked ashen and not at all herself. He frowned slightly. Thinking back, Aaron remembered that she had seemed disturbed ever since she had gotten out of the car. "Let's go," he said.

"Hem?" Ximena answered absentmindedly. It wasn't until now that she had noticed Aaron standing by her side. With her brows furrowed slightly, she looked at him, puzzled and asked,"When did you come back?"

"When you were away with the fairies," Aaron answered. Seeing that Ximena's face looked pale, Aaron said with concern in his voice,"Showing up here was enough. Let's go."

"Okay," Ximena agreed. She took her handbag from aside, which had now become heavy; she felt her heart become heavy as well. She wasn't in the mood to interact with anybody here. What she wanted to do now was find a quiet place to dig up a scar that had been buried in her heart for many years. However, she didn't know how that digging would end. Perhaps she would be severely hurt yet again, or perhaps she would be able to heal the scar in her heart completely.


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