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   Chapter 955 Extra Story 93 Of Aaron Mysteries

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"What's wrong?" Aaron asked softly when he noticed that Ximena seemed to be looking at something.

Withdrawing her sight, Ximena raised her eyebrows and shook her head. "Nothing," she answered. "Let's go." At the same time, she stepped forward. However, unconsciously, she glanced back once again in the direction where she had just been looking. This time, she saw a middle-aged man dressed in a dark gray suit. He was standing behind the photographers and reporters and seemed to smile at her and then turned around.

Ximena frowned slightly and then looked away. She continued to walk into Banyan House under the dazzling spotlight. However, she began to feel uneasy once again. She had that same dreaded feeling in the pit of her stomach just like she had after she had heard what the taxi driver had said to her.

Aaron felt her tense up and sensed that there might be something wrong with Ximena. His brows furrowed slightly, and he said softly,"Let's go back if you're feeling uncomfortable."

Pursing her lips, Ximena shook her head with an arrogant smile. "I'm all right, really," she said, raising her eyebrows. "Perhaps I'm just a little afraid and nervous because I have never seen such a grand occasion with my own eyes before."

"Will you be afraid of anything? I doubt that!" Aaron said with apparent disbelief in his cold eyes as he clenched his teeth.

With a false smile on her lips, Ximena replied,"I won't."

While bickering against each other in a somewhat childish way, the two of them arrived at the venue of the banquet. As soon as they entered Banyan Hall, they caught the attention of all the people that were present.

If Aaron was the last person that could be ignored in QY Island, then Ximena must have been the woman who was both envied and hated by most of the women in QY Island. Each one of them had expected her to be kicked off the island by Aaron right away.

Ximena received the gaze from these evil eyes with good grace. She even raised her chin slightly to receive the baptism of such cold stares. The word "modesty" had never appeared in her dictionary. In her opinion, even if one were always modest despite their high position, nobody would feel pity for them when they fell. They would be indifferent or perhaps even take g

she had to ask him since she had become really hungry now because she hadn't eaten anything before coming here.

Meanwhile, in his usual indifferent manner, Aaron strolled to the food area. He picked up a plate and chose some food that she seemed to have a liking for, based on his daily observation. However, unbeknownst to Aaron, the people who knew him were having a hard time wrapping their heads around his current behavior. It was as strange as seeing a dinosaur walking the earth again.

Standing next to each other, Vivi and Zoey watched Aaron with mixed feelings. The two of them came to the banquet, respectively, each with their fathers. Their eyes had been fixed on Aaron and Ximena ever since the latter had entered Banyan House. They saw Aaron go to the food area, and pick out some food putting it on a plate and then go back to Ximena with it.

"Vivi?" Zoey suddenly asked with fury in her eyes. "Has my brother ever done that for you?"

After hearing Zoey's question, Vivi tightened her grip on her handbag. She had to grit her teeth to prevent herself from showing any inelegant expression. Vivi tried her best to keep her composure as she gazed in the direction of the rest area with her eyes wide open but remained quiet.

Had any other woman ever been treated by Aaron in this way?

Obviously, not. Every one of them had tried hard to please him and played up to his every whim. None of them dared ask Aaron to do anything for them, and bringing a plate of food was such a trivial matter.

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