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   Chapter 954 Extra Story 92 Of Aaron The Banquet

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7045

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'This woman really is annoying. Doesn't she know that touching a man's body like this will light a fire in him?'

Suddenly, something crossed his mind. He frowned and asked in a cold voice,"Do you change clothes for other men like this?"

"Occasionally..." Ximena answered, absent-mindedly. All her attention was on the suit on Aaron's body. She had not expected that he would cooperate with her without the least bit of resistance.

Aaron's face was immediately covered by a layer of gloomy haze. "Never do that again!" he ordered.

"Hmm... Huh?" Ximena stopped what she was doing and looked at Aaron in confusion. When she saw the haze on his face, she smiled slightly and said,"That was in the past. I don't need to do that anymore. My people would do it for me."

Hearing that, the cold look on Aaron's face softened a little. At the same time, Ximena had finished buttoning up his suit.

"This is great!" she said, looking quite satisfied with her own work. "You look perfect in this!"

Aaron's strong body came with wide shoulders and narrows hips, which formed a reverse triangle. His perfect figure could compare with top male models of the world. He had wheat color skin, which was neither too fair nor too dark. It was the sexiest skin color. And now, in the suit made by Ximena, he looked more attractive and stylishly evil.

Ximena looked at him with her increasingly blurry eyes. He looked so fascinating and handsome. She could not help but be enchanted by him once again.

But Aaron felt that Ximena was no longer as excited as she had been a moment ago. Her eyes gradually turned dark, but it didn't seem like she was unsatisfied with him or the suit. Instead, it was like she was resisting some sort of emotion in her heart.

"Don't I look good?" Aaron asked her.

"Of course you do..." she answered by instinct, coming to herself abruptly. She tried hard to put a restraint on her fear that she would lose everything in the end. She decided to shift the topic of conversation. Pointing to the other model hanger, she said,"That will be my dress for the evening."

Aaron tu

ther side of the limousine. He opened the door and stretched out his hand like a gentleman.

Sitting in the backseat, Ximena threw a glance at the flashlight outside the limousine. With a proud smile on her red lips, she placed her hand on Aaron's. In the past, while she had been living in a dark and dirty alley, she had stared at those big screens on the outer walls of the shopping malls numerous times. When the previous banquets of the council hall had been displayed on the screens or when movie stars had walked on the shiny bright red carpet, she had dreamed that one day she would walk on that red carpet, taking proud steps, arm in arm with a handsome man. However, it was not until she actually walked on it that she realized that nothing was more important than the person standing by her side at that time.

Arm in arm, the couple looked elegant. Looking steadily forward, the two of them headed towards the Banyan House. By the time they entered the hall, they had become the focus in everybody's eyes.

Numerous gazes were fixed on them, filled with all kinds of emotions—admiration, envy, and much more complicated feelings. Ximena suddenly stopped walking and turned her head to look sideways. She didn't see anything except the crowd of photographers and reporters. But she was so sure that she had felt a malicious gaze on her, as if someone wanted to bring her severe harm.


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