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   Chapter 953 Extra Story 91 Of Aaron The Banquet

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Every spring, the council hall of QY Island would host a banquet, which the officials of the council hall and the celebrities in QY Island would attend. This banquet was usually held for two reasons. One was to promote the development of the island, while the other reason was to build a good relationship between the council hall and the local society. A mutual understanding between the two was necessary for the development of both parties.

Many powerful people held the title of the Councillor in the council hall, while more than a few officials of the council hall held shares in the business society. This practice was rarely seen in other countries. Someone who was actively engaged in politics was usually not allowed to do any business side-by-side. However, QY Island was different.

The banquet was fixed to take place in the Banyan House, a venue used by the council hall to receive foreign guests and to host large-scale banquets.

The evening banquet was usually a private event, but the council hall had decided that the venue would be open to the media before the banquet. As a result of that announcement, all the media of the island and foreign media rushed to the venue for live broadcast early in the morning.

The banquet was a big deal in the island and what was happening at the venue was shown live on all outdoor LED screens in the island, while newspapers and magazines printed special issues for the event. The banquet this year was a bit different from the previous years for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the change in ownership of Leng's Corporations. Aldrich Leng, who had once been one of the most influential man in QY Island, and his three sons, had immigrated to foreign countries and left the company to pursue their dreams. The company was now under the leadership of Aaron, who was Aldrich Leng's eldest son, who had never appeared in public before.

Though he had the important event to attend that evening, Aaron was having a pretty busy day. At the moment, he was in the middle of a video conference. Since the construction of the Grand Night Casino was taking longer than expected, his other plans which were bound to the completion of the casino were taking a backseat as well. As a consequenc

on Aaron. Seeing how Aaron was almost unable to hide his happiness, Ken wondered whether he should find someone to start a family with too.


After sewing the ornaments onto the dress which she was to wear for the banquet in the evening to match Aaron's suit, Ximena had nothing else to do in particular. She was somewhat bored and she sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee on the tea table in front of her. As she sipped the coffee slowly, she looked at the dress and the suit on the two model hangers. Gradually, a sweet smile played at the corners of her mouth.

At that time, she heard the rhythmic sound of leather shoes ascending the stairs. The footsteps were steady. Ximena looked towards the direction of the stairs. Aaron walked towards her slowly, with one of his hands in his trouser pocket.

The smile at the corners of her mouth spread to her whole face. Putting the cup of coffee back on the tea table, she stood up to greet him,"You came!"

she exclaimed.

Aaron didn't show any emotions on his face. Without saying anything else, Ximena carefully took the suit off the model hanger and ran to him. In a flattering tone, she said,"Come on. Try it on. After this, let's have lunch together if you're not too busy. Okay?"

Aaron didn't stop her from putting the suit on him. Her fingers grazed him now and then. She was so close to him that the fragrance of her body filled his senses. He felt something under his abdomen scream and a stream of fervor rushed to his head.

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