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   Chapter 952 Extra Story 90 Of Aaron Approaching

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"What do you think?" Aaron asked her back. In a cool manner, he sat up too and lowered his eyes to take a look at his suit, which had been ruined mainly because of Ximena pulling at it. As a tinge of disgust flashed across his eyes, he took it off and threw it to a chair by the side of the bed.

Hearing Aaron's words, Ximena tried to jog her memory. As far as she could remember, she had gone to the garden house as soon as she came back... But then she could not remember what she had done after that. However, she was sure that she had fallen asleep in the garden house.

Slowly, she turned her eyes to look at Aaron's suit, which had been put aside by him. Curling her lips, she said in an indifferent tone,"Well... I will make another suit for you later... Everything's gonna be okay!" While saying this, she intended to get out of bed, so she started turning to the bed's side and readied to stand up.

She didn't want to talk with him about anything on the bed, because whenever that happened, their talks always ended in the same way.


Ximena cried out as her arm was pulled all of a sudden. Immediately, she fell back on the bed. In an instant, she was trapped between Aaron's thick, strong arms.

"Well," Ximena started, struggling to get out of Aaron's arms. "I'm hungry, so could you please let me go!" Her mind was still filled with what that taxi driver had said to her. She was really not in the mood to deal with Aaron or to satisfy any of his desires.

Ximena's tone informed Aaron that she really meant to go. Staring down at her with his sharp eyes, as if he was going to see her through, he was confused. 'Why is she acting like this?' he thought, furrowing his eyebrows. In a questioning tone, he asked,"What happened?"

"Nothing," Ximena said, instantly denying everything by instinct. But the man gazed at her with a laser-sharp stare, and so she turned her head and avoided him completely.

Hearing that, Aaron's eyes turned dark. Instead of releasing her, he lowered his body towards her...

Ximena didn't have the energy to cater to him. Unconsciously, she attempted to push him away with her hands. To her surprise, she succeeded and Aaron let go of her.

Pursing her lips, she looked at Aaron and as

the bucket hat answered seriously. Looking ahead and sighing slightly, he added,"Every member of our organization knows that Aaron could not be tamed or controlled. They know this in their hearts, but none of them is willing to admit this fact."

Sighing slightly again, the man withdrew the fishing rod in his hands and picked up the shrimp he had just gotten, then he placed some more bait. He did all these in a peaceful and careful manner. It was not until he threw the fishing line into the water again that he continued slowly,"However, I'm afraid he doesn't know that our organization never intends to kill Ximena." After taking a short pause, he continued,"That is because nobody knows how Aaron would react and avenge her death, which would be unpredictable. Thus nobody dare risk doing a deal that is likely to lose money."

Hearing that, the taxi driver threw the cigarette butt on the ground, grinding it with his foot. "Are you really going to tell her at the banquet in the council hall?" It seemed that he could not understand how the other man would make it. "You're not supposed to have a chance to do that, right?"

The man in the bucket hat said,"That would not be so difficult as you think, because one, Aaron is quite self-conceited, and two, we're not planning on killing Ximena."

"But will Ximena believe what you are going to tell her?"

"She will!" the man said, a smile on his lips. "Because what I will show her is not a made-up story. I will show her facts!"


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