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   Chapter 951 Extra Story 89 Of Aaron Approaching

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The taxi driver took a glance at Ximena through the rear view mirror. Seeing that her face changed color as soon as he mentioned her parents, as if something cracked all of a sudden, he withdrew his sight to look ahead and continued,"Aren't you curious about your parents?"

Ximena pursed her lips into a straight line. She felt something was bursting out of her chest. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Miss Mo, you needn't care about who I am," the taxi driver said in a plain tone, without any emotion. "You only need know that I won't harm you." The journey continued until the driver said, in a soft tone,"Miss Mo, you've arrived."

Looking out of the window, Ximena saw her own fashion design shop. She turned her head back to look at the taxi driver. In an urgent tone, she asked,"What do you know about them?"

Shrugging, the taxi driver said,"The taxi fare is 28." Turning his head towards Ximena, he continued,"It is not time to talk about that. Somebody will meet you at the right occasion. And I advice you not to mention that to Mr. Aaron Leng, well, unless you want to complicate the issue..." After taking a pause, he added,"Don't worry. I guarantee that the informant will meet you at a crowded place. You don't need to be afraid that you might get hurt."

Ximena didn't know how she got back to her shop. The thought of the taxi driver's words about her parents had consumed her so much. She knew that it would be better for her not to know about the past, but she wanted to. She wanted to know why they had abandoned her after having her. It made her live a life worse than that of a dog or a pig.

"Ximena?" Grayson called her name for several times, but she didn't response at all. Seeing that she was absent-minded, he frowned slightly. In a louder voice, he tried again,"Ximena?"

"Hmn?" Ximena muttered, coming to herself all of a sudden. Looking at Grayson, who was standing by her side, she frowned and realized where she was. Removing the load from her mind, though temporarily, she said,"What's the matter?"

"The dress for the wife of the political commissar of the island is done. Should we send it to her now?" Grayson answered.

Still somewhat absent-minded,

it was because she felt a familiar embrace and warmth that Ximena, in her slumber, grasped Aaron's suit by instinct. She rubbed her body against his suit and then buried her face in his chest.

Aaron took her to the main house and placed her in the bed in their bedroom. Intending to just do that and go about his day, Aaron started to let go of Ximena. However, Ximena tightened her grip on his suit instead of releasing it. This was the first time he saw Ximena this way, this helpless. Her beautiful face looked so pitiful that he could not bear leaving her at that moment. In the end, he took off his shoes and lay down by her side in the bed. Then, stretching his arm under her neck, he held her into his arms.

In his arms, Ximena gradually relaxed and her uneasiness disappeared. However, she didn't loosen her grip on his suit at all. Her breathing gradually became even and her previously furrowed eyebrows relaxed.

The night came without Aaron noticing.

The bedroom was in total darkness, except for the dim light coming from one of the bedside lamps.

Ximena stirred and then woke up. To her surprise, what she saw first was the apathetic and cool face of Aaron. She was shocked. Also, she realized how she was still gripping Aaron's suit. Instinctively, she released her grip and quickly sat up on the bed. After looking around, she realized that she was already in the bedroom. Confused, she turned back to Aaron and asked,"Why am I here?"

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