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   Chapter 949 Extra Story 87 Of Aaron Parents

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6316

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But of course, Ximena didn't do what was on her head. She took a step and walked forward in her four-inch high heels. When she caught up with Ted, she looked at him and said in a cold voice, "It's not that I dare not, but I just can't understand the situation. If James wants to see me, he could give me a call by himself. Why did he ask you to pick me up?"

"If he gives you a call, then the matter will be James meeting you," Ted explained with an even more annoying smile on his face. "But the fact is I went to invite you. The person who meets you would be Ted and not James. Right?"

With the creases on her forehead slightly flattening, Ximena realized what he meant and she just sneered at him and said, "Ted, are you so naive as to believe that Aaron would not know about this? That I came out to meet James because of what you have done?" Seeing that the smile on Ted's face was no longer as natural as before, she continued, "If you believe so, I have to say that you don't know Aaron well enough. I'm sure that as soon as I entered the cafe, Aaron had known that already."

"Oho? Is that the case?" Intending to annoy her, Ted prolonged his voice intentionally. "Well then, knowing that still you dare meet James in such a case?"

"Why not?" Winning over Ted this time, Ximena could not help chuckling. "I don't have any relationship with him now." While saying that, she took the lead in walking inside and left the door with the guidance of the waiter.

Looking at Ximena's back, Ted could not help but show the whites of his eyes helplessly. He mumbled to himself, "This woman matches Aaron so well. The two of them have the identical style..."

"What kind of style?" Ted was not able to finish his words when somebody asked him from behind.

"Of course they are both overconfident, self-righteous..." without looking back as to whom was it who asked the question, T

erciful with you, even though you're my younger brother."

Looking intensely at Ted's eyes, Aaron made clear his warning. After saying that, Aaron left immediately. Fixing his eyes at his fading back, Ted could not come to himself even after quite a while. He was stunned by what he had heard just now. It was not until his assistant came to him that he woke up from his reverie abruptly and then left. All of a sudden, he understood what James had once said to him, "A person who hopes to have a family would always treat his or her family member as he or she cares for himself or herself, no matter how cold he or she looks or how cruelly he or she usually acts."

Inside the cafe, with his sharp eyes, James observed Ximena carefully, who was sitting opposite to him. She looked totally different now. She was no longer the girl whose face had been covered by dirt when he had met her for the first time, no longer the woman who had been angry and sad but tried to be cool with her strong will when he had seen her in the mansion of the Leng Family. Now she looked brilliant from head to toes, not only because of the splendid dress she was wearing, but also because she was in love, which was clearly evident from the aura that exuded from within her.

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