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   Chapter 948 Extra Story 86 Of Aaron Parents

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After going through everything she had gone through her life, Ximena could say that sometimes it was quite easy to be happy. In her case, she felt happy as long as she wasn't greedy enough to attempt to possess everything as she went through the journey of pursuing her dream. Every time she had a feeling that she was happy and contented for today, she would not think about whether she would fall into the abyss tomorrow or whatever it would bring her. She was a woman that took everything one day at a time. Throughout her entire life, she learned that nobody was able to predict what would happen in the future, so she thought it was silly to suffer from imaginary fears. Worst was letting yourself be enveloped by the fear of unknowns.

Today, with the sun shining bright and the air gently blowing a chilly breeze, Ximena was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. She wore a smile of comfort at the corners of her mouth, while her heart was overflowing with bliss and contentment. Savoring the ease and comfort she was experiencing now, she could say that she was quite satisfied with her life now and couldn't ask for more. Especially now that she had her own fashion design shop where she could showcase her talent and love on crafting magnificent gowns and dresses. Moreover, Aaron always tried his best to take time out of his busy schedule to have meals together with her and her loneliness at night was abated by his presence. No more cold and lonely night with Ximena for Aaron was always with her to warm and comfort her on the chilly and lonesome nights. Being a simple woman as she was, Ximena had just such simple principles in life that even if tomorrow she would lose all that she had now, at least she had the chance to enjoy them at the moment.

"Ximena," an intern

ion. Her fashion design shop was located in the most prosperous business area in QY Island. There were a variety of cafes nearby.

Without looking at her, Ted didn't answer her question. Instead, he only smiled and seeing how arrogant he was, Ximena wished she could beat him with her bag. Of course, she could only do this in her mind. She didn't think Ted would sit there and endure her violence without resisting.

Minutes later, they arrived at the destination and got off the car. A waiter standing at the door of the cafe bowed to them respectfully as soon as he saw Ted getting off the car, and said, "Mr. James Leng is waiting for you inside."

With his superior air, Ted nodded to him while walking into the cafe. After taking a few steps, he stopped his footsteps. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he turned around slowly to look at Ximena, who was still standing at the door. "What's wrong? You dare not come in?" he asked in a somewhat provocative teasing tone.

Hearing that, Ximena really had an impulse to shake her fist against him. Furthermore, she wondered what was with Ted that even by just looking at him Ximena's blood seemed to curdle in frustration.

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