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   Chapter 947 Extra Story 85 Of Aaron Going Back Home

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7034

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The home he had referred to was the manor. Should she see it as her home too? After all, she did not want to leave him, just like the multiflora rose that was unwilling to leave the prince, even though the prince loved the rugosa rose later. It was because the rose had taken root and sprouted and bloomed there by his side.

Thinking about the story of the prince, she took out her cell phone and typed a short message quickly, intending to send it. However, her finger hovered on the send key, hesitant for a while.

After reading the message once more, she sighed and pressed the send key.

Hearing the prompt message tone on his phone, Aaron threw a quick glance at it. "Take a ten-minute break," he ordered.

Hearing that, the person on the video call breathed a silent sigh of relief. Aaron cut off the video temporarily and picked up his cellphone.

On screen it read, "I will cook by myself today. Will you come home for dinner? "

Aaron didn't pay much attention to the cooking part of her message, which was pretty surprising considering that she had never cooked for him before. Instead, his eyes froze on the word "home". He felt his sight blurring, perhaps because he was eager to have a home too.

Ken frowned when he saw how Aaron was staring at his phone. He wondered what message he had received for him to be so deeply absorbed by it.

He checked the time and realized that ten minutes had nearly passed. He stepped forward to remind Aaron, "Your Highness, nine minutes have passed."

Hearing Ken's voice brought him back to reality. Reflexively, he looked at his watch. He read the message once more and replied to Ximena's short message. Placing the cellphone back on his desk, he ordered, "Cancel all my appointments following this conference. Reschedule them."

"Yes, Your Highness," Ken answered. As he turned to leave, he accidentally saw the message on Aaron's cellphone.


"Okay. "

His message consisted of just one word, but it was enough to make Ximena feel immense joy. Pursing her lips to form a charming smile, she raised her eyebrows and mumbled t

was more embarrassed than ever. She had seen other people cooking. She had thought that it would be as easy as it looked. However, cooking turned out to be a little troublesome for her; it was quite beyond her expectation.

"Come out of there," Aaron said with a trace of a smile.

Embarrassed, Ximena remained in the kitchen. She was unwilling to give up. She thought that she might be able to salvage something from the mess she had created. But when she looked around, she only found some raw vegetables on the chopping board and some burnt ones, which was way too horrible to look at.

While she was wondering what to do, Aaron grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the burning kitchen.

"Clean the kitchen before I come back," Aaron ordered the servants and then pulled Ximena towards him. "Let's eat out today," he said softly.

"I..." Ximena paused. Looking at all the soot on her clothes, she said, "Let me change my clothes first."

"And how are you planning to enter the house now?" Aaron asked calmly.

Ximena turned to look at the manor. Seeing the heavy fumes rushing outwards, she pouted. Then, in a pretended indifferent tone, she said, "Well then, let's go buy some clothes first!" Saying that, she walked towards the car as if nothing had happened.

Seeing her arrogant walk, Aaron lowered his eyes while a smile of comfort appeared at the corners of his lips.


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