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   Chapter 946 Extra Story 84 Of Aaron Going Back Home

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Ximena tidied her clothes while muttering to herself. She glanced towards the stairs and then walked to the mirror.

"That man..." she sighed, as soon as she looked in the mirror. She had foreseen this.

She looked at the hickey on her neck and touched it slowly. Gritting her teeth, she looked for a scarf to cover the evidence on her neck.

She always sought revenge for the smallest of grievances caused to her, of course, on the precondition that she was able to do so in the first place. She could only take her revenge on Aaron this way. A sly smile appeared on her face.

She arrogantly walked back to the model hanger, picked up the needle and thread on the ground, and looked at the suit which was hung on the hanger. She was quite pleased with her own work.

'Well, women do have some advantage over men!' she thought, while touching the scarf around her neck. Looking up at the ceiling, she tried to imagine what kind of looks Aaron would be receiving at the office at that moment. Thinking about it made her burst into laughter.

At the Leng's Corporations

Ken could not help but stare at the trace of bite mark on Aaron's neck now and again. He didn't need to guess whose masterpiece it was, because he was absolutely sure that nobody except Ximena would dare bite Aaron like that. She was like a wild cat.

The atmosphere in the conference room was not as heavy as usual. While the directors reported the performance of their department in succession, there was always somebody else stealing a glance at Aaron. Although he was cold as usual, everybody had noticed the hickey on his neck, which could not be completely covered by the collar of his shirt. As they talked about business, they secretly wondered which woman would dare to do something like that to this dangerous man.

The meeting lasted longer than expected and had been postponed for an hour. It was way past lunch time and everybody was hungry, but no one expressed their objection to the timing of the meeting. Finally, the last d

all about her embarrassed moment.

" Did you do this all by yourself?" Ximena asked the intern.

She nodded shyly and said, "Since this is a small order, Kiki asked me to do it as a practice. I showed this to her. She said it was not bad. I wanted to get your opinion too. If this is okay, I can begin tailoring."

Ximena smiled. "This is much more than just okay. Your design is brilliant." Handing the sketch back to the intern, she said, "Begin tailoring."

The intern took it back from her with both hands. With a deep bow, she said joyfully, "Okay! Thank you, Ximena."

Ximena leaned against the chair slowly as she watched the intern hop down the stairs with a broad smile on her face. She wondered if she had not been abandoned by her parents, would she have been trying her best to realize her dream step by step like that intern was doing now?

She closed her eyes and sighed slightly. She had never really yearned for a rich or powerful life. What she had always wanted was a house which could prevent her from being homeless, a benign father to bring her up and educate her, a mother to love her and show her how to protect herself as a girl. A normal life would have been enough for her.

She opened her eyes with a smile. She remembered Aaron's words, "Let's go home..." 'A home, ' she thought with a twinkle in her eye.

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