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   Chapter 945 Extra Story 83 Of Aaron Dream

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"Ximena, please have a look at this," Grayson, one of the newly recruited young designers, said, placing his design sketch on the desk in front of Ximena. "Is there anything on this that needs to be modified?"

Ximena took a glance at the design sketch. It was a dress for the daughter of the director of the police agency that she was going to wear at her graduation party. Seeing that the classic yet modern design could sufficiently match that girl's requirements, Ximena answered, "You should be confident in yourself. You don't need to ask for my opinion. Design philosophies vary from people to people. Nobody would be able to comprehend your idea completely. Because of that, you don't need to be approved by any other designer. You only need to be accepted by one person, and that is your customer."

Hearing that, Grayson became extremely moved. Excited by her recognition and encouragement, Grayson said, with genuine happiness in his voice, "I see. Thank you, Ximena."

With that, Ximena couldn't help but smile. Seeing the fire in Grayson's eyes, she gave a little wink, which indicated that he could go on and continue his work now. Giddy, Grayson went back to his post. Once upon a time, Ximena had hoped that she would be given a hand by somebody, much like what she was doing for Grayson right now, so that she could fully grow and enrich her talents and potential. However, she hadn't been lucky in finding such a job or meeting such a boss.

Fortunately, after taking a 180-degree turn, finally her dream came true.

With these thoughts in her mind, she lowered her eyes to look at the bracelet around her wrist, which had been made with the jade seal of the Leng Family. Sentimentally, she began to caress it. 'It is okay. Now, I have him, the manor, the rose garden... and even my own personal fashion design house, ' she thought.

At that moment, her cellphone rang and it interrupted her thinking. Taking her eyes off of the bracelet, she fished her cellphone from her pocket and looked at who might be calling. Seeing that the phone call was from "an annoying man", she smiled unknowingly, her expression softening, as if she was lovestruck. She pressed the answer key and placed the cellphone on her ear.

"I have something to do this noon. Go have lunch by yourself," Aaron said on the other end of the line, in a tone as if he was giving an order.

Upon hearing this, Ximena rolled her eyes and answered sulkily, "Okay." Her annoyance made her completely forget about caring how she acted. When Aaron was about to hang up the phone, she hurriedly, "Wait a minute..."

"What's wrong?" Aaron asked in confusion.

"Come to my shop the moment you're free today," Ximena answered, taking a deep breath.

"Why?" Aaron asked, his tone getting worried.

Hearing that, a mysterious smile appeared on the corners of Ximena's mouth. Looking sideways at something, she said slowly, "I have something to show you..." As she said this, she chuckled mischievously. "All right," she continued. "I'm not bothering you any longer. I'm hanging up! See you later!"

"What—" Aaron was interrupted by the beep coming from the other end of the line. Frowning slightly, he slid his phone back into his pocket a

ter sighing, she decided to just relax her body, letting Aaron's arms to carry all her weight. At the same time, due to fear that she would fall down, she raised her arms and she clung on Aaron's neck. Since she felt uncomfortable, she didn't want to make him comfortable.

"Do you like that suit?" Ximena asked in a fascinating voice with enchanting eyes. Putting more effort in her act, she winked, her attractive eyes more attractive. "I sewed it stitch by stitch all by myself." Feeling more playful, she removed one of her arms around Aaron's neck, and touched his suit. Her index finger slid from his neckline downwards to his chest. While drawing small circles with her index finger, she whispered, "Although it is not a pattern like the one you are wearing right, which was sewed by a famous Italian tailor, I made it with all my heart..."

Squinting slightly, Aaron fixed his deep eyes tight on Ximena. He knew clearly that she was only pretending to act so sheepishly right then, but he felt his heart skipped a beat when he heard her fake sweet voice.

His eyes turned dark. In consideration of her poor health after the abortion, he had tried his best to minimize their body contact for fear that that would result in a negative consequence. However, what was the annoying woman doing now? Did she know what her actions could lead to?

All of a sudden, Ximena's finger that was on his chest froze. Looking at Aaron, she opened her mouth slightly, which twitched at the corners. Slowly, she said, "Well, didn't you say you would be busy this afternoon? Go to deal with your business. I also have work to do..." While saying that, she attempted to stand up by herself.

"It's too late..." Aaron said. How could she think that he would let her go now that his desire had been rightfully aroused?

"Huh?" Ximena said, unsure of what was happening.

Before she realized what was happening, Aaron had already exerted force on his arm that was supporting her, and had successfully rotated his footsteps at the same time. All of a sudden, Ximena was pressed against the design table, and all she could do was to stare at Aaron's eyes.


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