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   Chapter 944 Extra Story 82 Of Aaron Losing Face

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7545

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Frowning, Aaron looked at Silver Fox with his sharp eyes, in which a warning could be seen.

However, Silver Fox didn't care a scrap about his warning at all. All her attention was paid to Ximena, who seemed to be as funny as she had expected. Looking at Ximena, she said, "Set your heart at rest, annoying woman. I'm not interested in your man."

Hearing her voice again, Ximena's lips began twitching at the corners, as if she could do nothing but admit defeat. "You, you..." she stammered and could not go on speaking.

"Yeah!" with a mocking smile, Silver Fox shrugged and said. "Just as you can see, I only have a woman's heart... Hem."

"Hah...hah..." Realizing what she meant, Ximena chuckled in embarrassment. She pulled her arms away from the crook of Aaron's arm as soon as possible. Slightly confused, however, she took one last look at Silver Fox and then at Aaron. "Well," she said, regaining her usual countenance and gesture. "I...Well... I..." Struggling to provide a reasonable explanation for herself right away, she curled her lips and gave up. She decided to escape from the scene by saying, "I'm hungry. I'm going to have lunch. You enjoy yourselves."

As soon as she finished her words, she turned around and walked towards the garden house leaving Silver Fox and Aaron alone. However, taking just a few steps away from them, her face began twitching and she turned around to check on them from a distance. She wondered what was wrong with her. She had totally lost her face today.

Sorry for herself, her remorse was even worsened by the thought that she had said that she was Aaron's woman to somebody on the phone. She had even acted coquettishly towards Aaron on purpose in front of a woman. How pathetic she was. She thought, 'Are my thoughts too apparent?

Ximena, you do have to leech on to Aaron, but you should never lose your self-respect. Understand? Although you haven't had the so-called self-respect... Girl, you are trying hard to have that. Right?'

The more she thought and tried to comfort herself, the more she realized how ashamed she had been just now. If only she could turn back time, she would go back and wouldn't do what she had done earlier. Slapping herself hard in the forehead, Ximena had to sha

Times flew by so fast and Ximena was living a life that had only existed in her dream before. All her time, except for when Aaron needed her company, was spent in designing dresses. Starting up with her fashion design shop, some people would come and visit her shop and gradually they became her customer only for the sake of Aaron. Then, her designs became popular in QY Island. Now, it was even difficult to place an order on her shop, and wearing a dress designed by Ximena became something worth showing off.

Being too busy, Ximena was no longer able to design so many clothes by herself. Taking the advice of her employees, she had recruited several designers to help her out. None of them was a well-known master artist. Instead, all of them were young and eager people who were passionate about fashion design but were not able to realize their dreams because they were not given the opportunity. Judging from their works, Ximena loved their creative concepts and bold ideas very much. She believed they were quite different from other well-known designers, whose minds were often confined to a certain degree.

Seeing that her business had grown so well, Aaron gave her all the three floors of the property where her fashion design shop was located. In the eyes of the employees of the shop, Aaron pampered her very much and provided everything she wanted. They could not describe how they envied Ximena.

She was so lucky to have Aaron at her back, supporting her in every way he could.

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