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   Chapter 943 Extra Story 81 Of Aaron Losing Face

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7370

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Ximena had a dream. In her dream, there was the rose garden of the prince, in which the multiflora rose withered and dying. The dying multiflora rose tried to use her last breath to take a look at the prince for the last minute of her life. She saw that the prince was still staring at the rugosa rose with his affectionate eyes. At the moment, the multiflora rose knew that she could do nothing more but to leave the world quietly.

But the moment when the multiflora rose lowered her head to get ready to face death peacefully, the prince suddenly turned his head back to take a look at her. Astonishment filled the prince's eyes immediately as if he could not believe what he was seeing. The prince looked very worried and vexed at the same time. Completely ignoring the rugosa rose's coquettish seduction, he tried his best to water the multiflora rose and extirpate the weeds around her. Seeing that he was trying to rescue her in such an urgent manner, the dying rose could sense that he felt very sorry for her.

Then, catching her breath, Ximena woke up from the dream. She didn't know how the story of the two roses would end, perhaps the prince's care was too late to help, or perhaps the multiflora rose would be able to wait for him quietly again. Maybe the rose would survive after all as a result of the prince's great efforts. If her dream would end that way, Ximena would be relieved. However, if the rose would eventually give up and the prince's efforts were too late, she would be grieved for sure.

Thinking of her dream, Ximena gradually wore a smile at the corners of her mouth. Her smile contained a variety of emotions, including excitement, eagerness, fear, worry, and regret. She was feeling all these sentiments at the same time, and her heart felt heavy with the overwhelming mix of emotions. These emotions rushed into her mind quickly the moment she set her eyes on the multiflora roses all over the manor.

Looking around, she found that the roses with a variety of colors were blooming, creating a beautiful plume of the vibrant landscape. The view was so enchanted that one would feel so magical just by looking upon them. Ximena was too captivated by the roses, and giv

something that every woman was born to be good at. For trying to be one, Ximena failed and just appeared to be pathetic in trying so hard.

Looking at Ximena and her unusual behavior, Aaron frowned, as if he was looking at a monster.

The corner of Ximena's mouth twitched several times. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to remove her arms from Aaron's arm. However, it seemed that some emotion in her was restraining her impulse to do so. She had to show that woman whom she was messing with. Ximena was prepared for whatever will happen.

Silver Fox touched her long curly hair, which was as thick as seaweed. Then biting her lips with her pearl white teeth, she crossed her arms over her chest. In a fascinating and enchanting way, she stared at Ximena with her eyes polished with eyeliner. A smile appeared at her face.

Not taking her eyes away from her, Ximena was unwilling to admit herself being outdone. She still encircled Aaron's arm with her own arms in a very natural manner. She glared at Silver Fox without the least fear, declaring her ownership over Aaron silently.

"Your Highness, is this the woman marked by you as 'an annoying woman' in your cellphone?" with her brows raised while looking at Ximena, Silver Fox asked. As soon as her words faded away, both she and Ximena had a feeling of disillusionment.

Looking at Silver Fox while blinking, Ximena was so astonished that she opened her mouth enough for her to swallow an egg.

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