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   Chapter 941 Extra Story 79 Of Aaron Misunderstanding

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The woman at the other end of the phone frowned as well. She wondered whose number Aaron would save as "an annoying woman". "Who are you?" she asked back.

After hearing that, Ximena couldn't help but roll her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she turned her head to look at the cars zooming back and forth on the road in front of the shop. There was a certain pinching sensation she was feeling in her heart, and she was trying to shake it off. However, she couldn't and all of a sudden, she blurted out, "I'm his woman!" The statement was made so abruptly that it even surprised Ximena herself. Realizing how her strong desire to possess Aaron was deeply embedded into her unconsciously, she entered a state of daze, primarily because of her astonishment.

With her mouth ajar, Ximena started looking around, looking for people who might have heard her. When she saw that there was nobody else around her, she secretly rejoiced. Otherwise, she would have been extremely embarrassed. 'Ximena, how dare you say that!' she thought to herself.

The woman at the other end of the phone was also understandably shocked by what she just said. Looking at the screen of Aaron's cellphone, which she was holding in her hand, she checked the caller's name. Blinking, she thought, 'When did Aaron meet such a woman? And why haven't I been informed?'

"You..." she started, opening her mouth.


The busy tone came through before she could even say another word. The person at the other end had already hung up. The woman's brow curled into a big frown, and her pretty face looked confused and annoyed at the same time.

All of a sudden, someone snatched the phone from her hand. Quickly, the woman came to her senses and looked at the person who took the phone from her. Turning around, she found out that Aaron himself was the one who took the phone. Remembering what just happened and who she talked to, she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against his desk. Looking at Aaron, who was wearing a formal suit, she could not help but chuckle. "Your Highness really looks like a CEO in a formal suit," she commented.

Aaron ignored the mocking statement and quickly examined his call records. When he saw that the last person who called was the "annoying woman", a smile of comfort flashed across his eyes. Sliding his phone in his pocket, he glanced at the woman and gave her a tender smile.

Turning the other way, he started towards the wine cabinet and picked up a bottle of whiskey. Aaron also took two glasses, and then carefully filled them up with alcohol. With a dazzling smile, he gave one to the woman, and said, in

ent to them, so those old men don't know how to control you. Anyhow, they won't take too big of an action or cause anything too serious. Therefore..."

"Ew, Silver Fox, when did you become so softhearted?" Aaron interrupted her, his voice mocking.

Upon hearing his question, the woman, who was apparently called "Silver Fox", smiled in an attractive way and said, "Of course. I've changed because of my man." Smiling knowingly, she twirled the wine glass in her hand, revealing long, bright red acrylics on all of her fingers. The light yellow liquid in the glass swirled, just like her heart, which was beating faster because of the topic Aaron had initiated just now. After taking a sip of her drink, she added, "Your Highness, if you have someone you care about, you will understand me and have the same feeling as I do." After saying that, she wore a bewitching smile, raised her hand and drank up all the whiskey in her glass. Then she put the glass on the tea table. She stood up and walked to the desk. Standing opposite to Aaron, with both her hands placed on the desk to support her upper body, she fixed her eyes on Aaron, who looked cold. Slowly, she said, "People may choose not to leave a leeway for themselves to retreat to, but they will leave a leeway for the people they care about retreat to." All of a sudden, her voice turned loud and jarring, which didn't sound like a woman's. In such a voice, she continued, "Aaron, I have told you that no matter how powerful a person is, the person will be soft in some aspect. And you are no exception. Otherwise, you would not have let that man go, you would not have compromised and operated the Leng's Corporations for him as he planned. This is where your softness lies. You want a family."

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