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   Chapter 940 Extra Story 78 Of Aaron Happiness

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When she had woken up in the morning and had found that the cold, hard jade seal had turned into this beautiful bracelet around her wrist, she had felt incredibly happy. Perhaps she was happy because he had not given up on her. He had put much thought into it by giving the jade seal to her in another form.

She had lived at the bottom of the society for so long a time that she was afraid of going back to that dark life again.

"Aaron, thank you..." Ximena mumbled; her words sounded so empty. Hearing her, Aaron's hands froze on his keyboard. She continued in a low voice, "My relationship with James was too flatulent and unreal. It was not so much that I loved him, as I hoped that someone would take me away from that shitty life. Because of that, I believed firmly in our love."

Hearing her self-analysis of the past, Aaron's eyes were covered with a dark cloud. "What about me?" he asked. 'Ximena, if you dare say a word I might not like listening to, I will kill you myself, ' he thought.

With a faint smile on her lips, Ximena withdrew her gaze from the window and looked at Aaron. She answered, "Your Highness, you have been the king of darkness for so long, and now, you've become the CEO of Leng's Corporations, the master of light for millions. What should such a man mean to me?"

Aaron's handsome face was overcast with a layer of bloody haze. With a sneer on his lips, he said slowly, "It should mean that I am the one who can take you to paradise or push you into hell any time I wish."

"Yes, you could..." Ximena said with an enchanting smile. "And yet, you gave me this." She raised her wrist and shook the bracelet. It sparkled in the rays of the sun that entered the car.

Aaron glanced at the bracelet and then looked at Ximena. With a smile, she said, "Maybe we..." She paused as her smile became brighter. At that moment, the car stopped in front of her fashion design shop. Ximena shrugged and said, "We're here." She gave Aaron an attractive smile once again and got off the car arrogantly

below. Gradually, a smile appeared at the corners of her lips. As she lowered her gaze to look at the bracelet around her wrist, she became slightly absent-minded.

She thought, 'Aaron, maybe we can't ever be family, but even so, I don't want to leave you. And that is not because you are capable of taking me to heaven or hell. What I want is to stay by your side and to feel the happiness that I am feeling today. Perhaps one day, our relationship will end. But, I would still want to stay by your side, even though we might hate each other for some ridiculous reason in the future.'

When the unfinished words she had uttered before she had gotten off his car came to her mind, a sly smile appeared on her face once again. She put the cup of coffee on a table and picked up her cellphone. She quickly dialed Aaron's number. The phone kept ringing, but no one picked up. Ximena frowned slightly.

She called him again. Finally, the phone was picked up after a few rings.


"Who's this?"

the voices spoke simultaneously from both ends of the line.

Ximena's eyebrows twisted tightly together. 'Why is a woman answering Aaron's phone?' she thought, gritting her teeth.

"Who are you?" Ximena asked. She pulled a long face, and her eyes were filled with fury, without even realizing herself that she was pissed as hell.


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