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   Chapter 939 Extra Story 77 Of Aaron Happiness

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As she ran towards Aaron, her long hair swayed in the air softly. The first rays of the morning sun hit her face, making her look like a goddess. It would have been a divine scene if the goddess wasn't wearing a nightgown and running barefooted.

Aaron was standing by the car door. As he watched her running towards him hastily, his heart thumped faster. But when his gaze fell on her bare feet, he frowned.

Ximena stopped in front of him. After gasping for breath for a few seconds, she raised her hand, showing the bracelet which was shaking slightly around her wrist. "Was this made out of that jade seal?" she asked. Aaron didn't answer. He looked at her without any emotion on his face. Ximena pursed her lips and asked again, "Why did you convert the jade seal into this?"

Her question sounded harsh, or perhaps he just thought it did. In an apathetic voice, he said, "As the person who is in charge of Leng's Corporations, I have the right to dispose of the jade seal which belongs to the Leng Family in whatever way I think is appropriate. Do you have any objection to my decision?"

Hearing his answer, Ximena looked at him with a slight frown. Without waiting for her reply, Aaron turned around and got into the car. When he was about to close the door, she stopped him by blocking the car door with her hands abruptly. Then she quickly slipped into the car too.

Watching the scene which was unfolding in front of him, Ken felt the urge to burst out laughing. He had never before seen anyone dare do this kind of thing in front of His Highness. But Ximena was daring. She completely ignored the cold aura emitting from Aaron and did whatever she wanted to do. She was always surprising Ken with her wild behavior towards Aaron, and he believed that Aaron felt the same way too.

A shadow of a smile appeared in Ken's eyes. After Ximena got into the car, he closed the door and walked around the car to get into the driver's seat. Glancing at the two sitting i

utside the shop. When they got into the car, she wanted to ask whether she could go to her shop, but she was afraid that he might refuse her and continue to keep her grounded. On the other hand, if she stayed silent, she was worried that her shop would fail to prosper sooner or later. She had to play her cards right to make sure that she didn't piss him off. She decided to face the music bravely.

"I... I was wondering..." she started fluently, but hesitated.

"Drop her at the shop," Aaron interrupted Ximena without even looking at her. He went on to watch the stock market analysis chart on his laptop screen, without saying a word to her.

Ximena remained silent. Leaning against the seat back, she turned her head to look out the window. She was lost in her thoughts, and her sight became blurred. She touched the bracelet with her other hand unconsciously. She didn't know when it had happened, but the meaning of the jade seal to her had changed. It no longer symbolized her yearning for James. Instead, it had now become a bargaining chip for her to stay by Aaron's side.

Even though she knew clearly that the jade seal was useless now, she believed subconsciously that he would not let her go as long as the seal was on her. After all, it was the reason why he had rescued her in the first place.

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