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   Chapter 936 Extra Story 74 Of Aaron The Python

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"Wait," Aaron called out.

Ken, who was already at the door, turned around and asked respectfully,"Your Highness, is there anything else?"

Aaron's eyes darkened when he saw the corner of the jade seal in Ken's hand. "Nothing," Aaron answered with a wry smile. Would she ever be able to forget the past? Some memories might have faded away unconsciously. But others stayed deep in our hearts through the course of our life.

It felt like when a boy lost the toy which he used to cherish. He might never be able to forget about that special toy, no matter how many years passed by or how many toys he had possessed after that.

Aaron took a breath, and said indifferently,"Cut it into jade beads and make a bracelet out of it for Ximena." He was hoping that maybe she would forget about the past if the seal was out of her sight. Aaron wanted to destroy the jade seal, along with her past memories.

Ken saw the look in Aaron's eyes. "I will send the jade seal to be processed first. And then, I'll come back to pick you up to go to the airport, Your Highness," Ken said. Aaron nodded, and Ken turned around to leave.

The jade seal was once a symbol of the Leng family, which had been handed down from generation to generation. Years ago, the Leng family had waned until Aldrich had revived it again. After that, the jade seal had symbolized the expectations of the previous generation, handed down to their next generation.

Although Ken didn't understand why James had given such a thing to Ximena, he was sure that something must have happened between them that had sublimated their feelings towards each other. And he was trying to destroy that emotional tie between them. Even if he didn't want her himself, he would never let anyone else have her. That was just how he was.

Aaron lay back on his seat. His deep eyes fell on the table as he was pondering about her. This time, he would be away for about three or four days. He had to go to Dragon Island again. The last time, for some reason, he and Eric couldn't reach an agreement.

Aaron frowned. It was just like Mr. Brian Long had said. He had underestimated Eric. Although Eric was still young, he was the future ruler of the Dragon Island, and there was no way that he would be a weak man!

Aaron smiled wryly. He checked the time, and then turned on his computer. He typed in some instructions in the DOS interface, and pressed the ENTER key on the keyboard. The instructions flashed by quickly, and at the end, it transferred to a specific interface on the screen.

'Ding, ' came the sound from the computer.

"The Grand Night Casino will be completed in another three months. I want to know if you will be coming to the completion ceremony," Aaron asked with a smirk.

Brian appeared on the screen. His clothes were askew and his hair was messy. He looked unseemly and exuberant, like a wild man. Aaron could see that Brian was tired.

"No, I won't be coming," Brian replied.

Aaron frowned and continued,"There are some rumors that someone is plotting against the Grand Night Casino. Aren't you worried?"

"Shouldn't you be the one who is worried?" Brian sniffed at Aaron contemptuously. His impassive eyes were so deep that it seemed to be able to swallow anyone who was looking directly into them.

"I am," Aaron sai

. It twisted a few times in the water, and stuck out its long red tongue as it swam towards the shore.

Ximena stared at the giant python that was sliding towards her swiftly, and began trembling. Her body was ice-cold. 'Why is there a giant python around the villa?' she screamed in her mind.

The python slithered onto the shore, its head swaying back and forth and its body quickly zigzagging towards Ximena. The snake was huge, around ten meters long. As it slithered towards her, its abdomen wriggled.

Ximena stumbled backwards instinctively. She gasped for air and her body became numb. She hated slippery and creepy creatures, no matter what it was. Frightened and nauseated, her stomach began cramping and she began to feel dizzy. She told herself to run away, but she couldn't move.

"No, no," she cried in a hoarse voice. "Don't come near me. Don't! Stop! Go away!"

The python stuck its tongue out again and hissed as if it were mocking her. It crept across the grass and towards her. The sound of its skin rubbing against the grass sounded creepy. Ximena felt like death was looking her in the eye at that moment, and she froze on the spot.


Ximena screamed as it approached closer. She finally stood up and started to run.

Seeing her run, alerted the snake and it moved faster to catch up to her.

"Oh God!" Ximena cried as she lost her balance and fell down. She looked back and saw the python was just around five meters away from her. Ximena tried to move backwards on all fours, staring at the python with her horrified eyes, her face dreadfully pale.

"Stop! Go away! Please go away!"

Ximena murmured in a low voice. The black python slowed down as it approached her. It was like he was playing with his prey.

The giant python kept hissing and sticking its tongue out. Breathless, Ximena panted. When she got up and tried to run away again, the python pounced on her from behind. Ximena felt the cold, slippery skin wrapping around her, and she felt like she was about to throw up. Just as she was trying to suppress the disgusting feeling, she saw the giant python open its big month, ready to swallow her whole.


Ximena cried in desperation.

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