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   Chapter 937 Extra Story 75 Of Aaron All I Care About Is You

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Ximena screamed at the top of her lungs. Her scared voice showed that she was completely desperate. The python coiled up before her, preparing to spring. There were rings of blue fire around its cruel eyes.

"Melina," said a sacred voice," stay away from her!"

The python's tongue almost touched Ximena's head, but Aaron was there to stop her. Flicking her forked tongue, Melina was reluctant to relinquish her victim.

"Melina, stay away from her," the voice commanded again; it was Aaron. His voice sounded ferocious and his eyes were narrowed. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was scared that Melina would hurt Ximena.

The voice terrified the python, and so it backed off and crept away from Ximena. At a safe distance, the python continued to flick the tongue, now holding its head high, looking at Aaron.

Aaron came up to Ximena. Ximena's face was drained of all color and her hands were trembling. Clinging at Aaron, Ximena abruptly passed out and collapsed in his arms.

As he looked at unconscious Ximena, Aaron's heart felt heavy with sadness, but at the same time, it was fired up with anger for Melina. With his eyes narrowed, Aaron looked murderous. All he could think of was killing the python.

Sensing Aaron's hostility, Melina stopped froze, and the homicidal rage in its eyes vanished. Even as a python, it was afraid to provoke Aaron. Slowly, it retreated, not taking its gaze off the man holding Ximena. In front Aaron, even a cold-blooded python would be docile.

Gritting his teeth, Aaron's mouth twitched. Knowing that the python was trying to escape, his instinct of running after it intensified. But with Ximena in his arms, all he could do was look as the python tried to retreat to safety. When Melina was finally close to the lake, she sped up and swam into the lake. All Aaron saw was the ripples in the lake made by the animal. After that, the python disappeared.

Taking in a deep breath to calm himself, Aaron stood up and carried Ximena back to the villa. On their way, a foreign man

t. At first he couldn't recognize what was on it. Then Aaron found that under the watercolor, there was a scribbled script. It read," Aaron, you hideous slug of a man." His eyes became narrowed.

Squinting his eyes, Aaron crumpled the paper up again. Then he looked sideways at the pale Ximena who was still unconscious. The expression on his face was very serious.

In his mind, his absence would calm Ximena down. But then he found that he couldn't stay calm when he was not with her. He thought that she would call him, that she might have trouble sleeping because he was not around, that she would ask the butler about him because she had to eat alone without him. But nothing happened. It was just an illusion. Ximena didn't care about Aaron at all.

'It's killing me. This girl is really annoying, ' Aaron thought to himself.

A grim expression started to show up on Aaron's face. The way that he has been treated has made him upset. On QY Island, Ximena was just one of those poor people who had a hard life. They belonged to two different worlds. But ever since he met Ximena, his life had totally changed. She was the person whom he wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with.

At that realization, he closed his eyes. He was not only mad at Ximena, but also at himself. How can he be so reckless? Why would he want to be with such a girl?

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