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   Chapter 935 Extra Story 73 Of Aaron Lonely

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6812

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"This is James Leng speaking. Who's on the line?" The voice that came through on the phone sounded as warm as the sounds of nature, but it stabbed into Ximena's heart violently like a piece of pointed ice, sharp and cold.

Her hand, in which the cellphone was held, was even trembling, while her throat was tight. Hearing his voice, which she had once been very familiar with, she felt her nose ache all of a sudden.

Hearing no answer on the phone, James frowned slightly and put down the scissors, which he was holding in his hand at that moment. In confusion, he asked again, "Excuse me...Who do you want to speak to?"

Hearing his voice again, Ximena's eyes turned red in an instant. She raised her head to prevent herself from shedding tears. Otherwise, she would feel she was too coward.

"Ximena? Is this you?" Out of nowhere, James guessed. While he looked at the potted plant he had just clipped, wild sadness spilled over his eyes. He could feel the unhappiness under the silence of the person on the other end of the phone. He opened his mouth slightly several times, intending to comfort her or ask her what had happened. The words were about to spill over his throat. However, what Aaron had said to him in the hospital previously kept resounding in his ears.

'James, she no longer has any relationship with you. Don't show your care for her and never come to bother her, unless you want her to go on feeling painful.'

With Aaron's words rolling in his mind, James closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and tightened his grip on the cellphone, so as to vent the bitterness in his heart. After a while, he had calmed down, in an indifferent tone, he asked, "It's so late now. Do you have anything to say to me?"

Hearing his plain and distant voice, Ximena felt her heart was shattered. All of a sudden, she felt that calling him was a ridiculous move. Regardless of the reason, she had become Aaron's commodity and she had no reason at all to be attached with James, that's Aaron's self-explanatory rule. With such an

he tightened his grip on the jade seal, its edge sank into the palm of his hand, making him feel a little painful. He had once thought of starting a family with a woman who had been thought of escaping from him day and night, who dared go against him and had said that he was dirty. How ridiculous and pathetic he was, thinking all this time that she loved him. But in fact, she was thinking of another man while she was in his arms. With these thoughts in his mind, his eyes were filled with fury. Gradually, the fury was replaced by some complicated emotions.

Slowly releasing his grip on the jade seal and unfolding his hand, he said, "Ken."

"Your Highness," sensing his anger, Ken answered while walking to him. He took a slight glance at the jade seal in Aaron's hand.

Without lifting his gaze, Aaron looked intently at the jade seal in the palm of his hand. James had given it to her, and she had always taken it with her since then. Did it mean that she would never forget the times in her life when she had been together with James?

"Grind it!" he ordered.

Hearing that, Ken opened his eyes wide in surprise, but soon he didn't argue and answered yes. Then he took over the jade seal, intending to carry out Aaron's order and dispose of it as soon as possible.

"Wait a minute..."

Just as he was about to leave Aaron stopped him.

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