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   Chapter 934 Extra Story 72 Of Aaron Lonely

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When they arrived at the villa, Ximena went straight to the bedroom on the second floor. Everything here was at its previous place, the same as preserved in her memory. Though it was warm spring now and the flowers were blooming, the gloomy atmosphere overwhelming every corner of the villa had not changed. She walked to the window, opened it and look outside. The cloudy sky looked so depressing in her eyes and added glumly to her gloomy mood. She began missing the manor, a place where Aaron had addressed as "home". At that moment, she had been there at the manor with Aaron's arms around her keeping her warm and comfy. Roaming her eyes at the luscious garden, she missed the warm and sweet atmosphere as well as the fragrance of roses at the manor.

Then on her mind, she realized that sometimes people were too despicable to appreciate what was good. When they had a little, they would always want more. It was not until in the end that they would realize they had demanded excessively. However, by then the very little they had once would have disappeared. They would regret demanding more and think that it was okay to have that very little.

Curling her body on the beanbag in the bedroom, Ximena held herself tightly with her arms and tried to get some sleep. Even in her sleep, she frowned tightly and her shoulders were trembling slightly. Despite her innocent face and gentle features, she looked rather pitiful like a child that was abandoned and left homeless in the streets.

It was not until midnight that she woke up. The quietness of the empty room told her that there was nobody except her in the villa. The thought that Aaron didn't come back to the villa made her feel even lonelier.

Pulling herself up from the beanbag, she stood by the open window, her hair was blown by the night wind. The chill brought by the wind made her a little sober, and the pitch dark n

pointment, soon Ken called to give her a negative answer. As soon as he told her that the jade seal wasn't in the car now, she felt something heavy in her heart.

It was as if the last straw for her to grab in order to save her life was missing, that would mean she would fall into boundless darkness very soon. Ximena sat on the floor, and her legs bent, between which was her head, and her arms held her legs tightly.

What should she do?

She tightened her grip on the cellphone, which was in one of her hand. She was enveloped by the endless quietness and darkness. She looked especially lonely and pitiful in the dim light. In her desperation to find for the seal, her finger touched the screen of the cellphone by accident. She raised her head slowly. The arrogance which had been always in her eyes was absent now as if she had transformed to the vulnerable child she had been once, a humble person who had hidden amidst the dirty alleys alone until he had appeared victorious in her life.

As the man's figure came to her mind, she slid the screen and dialed a number unconsciously. She had never saved his number, neither had she tried to remember it on purpose. But she had imprinted it in her brain by accident after seeing it once by chance.

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