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   Chapter 933 Extra Story 71 Of Aaron Lonely

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6213

Updated: 2019-07-02 11:07

Ximena didn't leave the hospital until she rested for a long time. She was quite disappointed, however, when she saw that it was Ken who came to pick her up instead of Aaron. For a while, she lingered her sight and looked behind Ken, hoping to see the face of the man she longed for. Unluckily, Aaron was not around. As soon as she found that Aaron didn't come to the hospital, she knew that he had grown too familiar with her and the relationship they had turned glum and cold.

Dropping her shoulders in disappointment, she could not help but sneer at herself. 'Ximena, this is exactly the ending you are supposed to have. Don't take anything that you should not take. Don't extravagantly hope anything that you don't deserve, ' she reminded herself. However, she felt so bitter in her heart that her nerves began racking despite knowing the reality. She knew Aaron very well. Ximena, of all people, should know what it was like for a man to change into something they are not.

'Ximena, if you want a child, I will give it to you. And I can give you whatever you want.' However, her mind kept on contradicting her heart as his words were instilled on her head.

Thinking about it, she covered her chest with both her hands. She felt pain as if her heart was gagged by a tight rope that she could not breathe by any means. At the thought that his words had become the most beautiful part of her memory, Ximena could not help but feel sorry for herself. All her life, she had never wanted too much, but how had things turned out this way?

At that moment, Ximena felt that she was so lonely and she had no one to hold on to. Her heart emptied all at once at the thought of it and cold chills crept through her senses. Out of nowhere, an awkward laugh came out from her mouth. She laughed at herself for being a fool. The mixed emotions she had deep in her

s with a knitted brow simply showing her doubts. He knew that she had doubts about the reliability of his words. She wondered whether he had told her the truth or he just lied all this time to cover Aaron up. Ken knew the reason why she was so dubious. It was because at the moment she had the same mental state as a jealous woman living in blind love and she thought that Aaron was in fact together with another woman instead of having a meeting. Ken knew how a woman's mind ran and all women were the same when it came to that way of thinking.

"I don't want to go back to the villa right now," Ximena said while trying her best to put a restraint on the blind jealousy roaring in her heart. "I haven't been to the shop for many days. Send me to the shop now."

"I'm sorry, Miss Mo. His Highness said that you'd better avoid going out for the meantime," Ken answered politely but firmly.

Hearing that, Ximena took a frown all of a sudden. She felt so annoyed being treated like a toddler that had to be watched out everywhere she went. Being totally vexed, she found it difficult to breathe, as if her heart was blocked by something. With a cold sneer at the corners of her mouth, she said in an apathetic voice, "I understand."

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