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   Chapter 932 Extra Story 70 Of Aaron Cruelty

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10021

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With these thoughts in his mind, Aaron felt anger building up inside his chest. Slowly, he stood up and walked to Ximena's bed. Sitting by the side of the bed, he stretched his slender hands and placed them around Ximena's neck. All he could see was red, and with a deep breath, he started exerting force into his hands, wrapping it around Ximena's neck, choking her.

Ximena's face turned blue. By instinct, she struggled, but she could not wake up.

With cold, unfeeling eyes, Aaron looked at Ximena, who was writhing but could not defend herself, like a god would do down at human beings.

He didn't lose his mind. He could feel the force of his hands. He was sure that the woman would be killed by him as long as he held on for a few more seconds. Nobody was there to stop him. At that moment, Ximena was his toy, and as a toy, Ximena would only die when he said she could die.

The seconds were ticking by, and Ximena only had a few moments to live. A slight hoarse sound came out of her throat. Her struggles increased but they were feeble. Her breaths were becoming weak. It was not until then did Aaron release his grip on her neck slowly. The doctor was standing by the door of the room, shocked by what he was seeing. Sensing his presence, Aaron looked up and cast him a deathly glace. The atmosphere of death and murder was filled the air.

"Rescue her," Aaron said without any emotion. The doctor held his breath, frightened at what Aaron might do. While he was frozen in his place, Aaron slowly approached the door and exited, his steps heavy but silent, and his aura dangerous.

The sound of hurried footsteps of the medical care givers came through from the corridor. However, Aaron didn't care about that. Without any reaction to all of this, he left the hospital, as if nothing had happened.

Ken was waiting for Aaron outside the hospital. When he finally saw him exit the building, Ken became curious. There was no emotion on Aaron's face, as compared to the worry it had had when they had been on their way to the hospital. Eager to know what happened, Ken tried to take a peek at the hospital but since he was outside, he could not find anything.

"Go back to the company," Aaron ordered in a peaceful voice after he got on the car. His sharp eyes were overcast with cruel haze.

"Yes, Your Highness," Ken answered. He took a glance at the back seat from the rearview mirror and then started the car, heading to the building of the Leng's Corporations.

As soon as Aaron finished dealing with a heap of documents, he received a phone call from Zoey.

"Dear brother, how could you leave me alone in the hospital?!" she complained on the phone in an aggrieved, clingy voice.

Hearing her complaint, Aaron frowned. His mood got worse, and his restraint finally snapped. "Zoey Song, I'm not your guardian. If you want to be treated as a baby, go to your dad. Don't bother me," he said coldly. He hung up the phone as soon as he finished saying that. His handsom

they had met for the first time, she had begged him for help shamelessly in order to survive. Then after that, she had accepted his inspection and she had willingly laid under his body. How could she say he was dirty? What qualified her to be able to say that? Was it because Aaron had treated her better in the beginning and had pampered her that somehow that she felt that she had become his "family"?

The sound of clothing tearing resounded in the air. At the moment, both of them got to know that "family" was not something they could have as long as they wanted. It didn't matter who they were, one of the humblest people in QY Island wandering at the boundary between life and death, or who could control almost everything in QY Island.

At the moment, Ximena could not feel anything except pain. The muscles on her face were twitching. Her whole body was starting to convulse. Her pupils began dilating. Her consciousness was clouded. She felt herself was nearly dying. Like a broken toy, she was unable to move, letting Aaron do to her everything he willed.

Aaron's gaze was still cold. Although he was in her, there wasn't any trace of pleasure in his face. Finally, seeing how much pain Ximena was in, he stopped.

He tidied up his own clothes and then took a glance at her. Even though he felt his heart was shattering, he didn't want to admit what he was feeling. Unwilling to see her, he turned around and strode out of the room.

The door slammed shut. Ximena still didn't move. Instead, she looked at the ceiling blankly, her eyes not able to focus on anything.

As the ending of that story, the multiflora rose died in the end, because the prince didn't understand how sensitive and fragile the rose was. He didn't know her life had to be supported by his love. The rose didn't get all his love and care. Even worse, he left her aside and forgot her. Immersed in the world of hopelessness and fruitless expectation, she couldn't do anything else but perish slowly.


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