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   Chapter 931 Extra Story 69 Of Aaron Cruelty

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Aaron didn't return to the manor until the sky was turning bright in the east and the dawn came. Before then, he had attempted to leave the hospital for several times, but every time, he had been stopped by the unconscious mumblings of Zoey from her sleep, "Mom... Mom..." Due to the pain from her ankle, Zoey hadn't been able to sleep peacefully all night. Her mother had passed away when she was little, and as a result, a huge hole had been left on her heart, even though she had always been unwilling to admit that.

Aaron leaned against his car and closed his eyes in order to rest his mind. The words that Zoey had uttered in her sleep kept dwelling in his mind, and he could not ignore them, no matter how hard he tried. Despite the intensity of his dislike for her, the fact that she was his sister could never be erased.

When he arrived at the manor, Aaron got off the car and walked back to the bedroom in silent and steady steps. As soon as he opened the door and entered the room, he felt the weird atmosphere in the air and it overwhelmed his senses. Chalking this up to his imagination, he strode directly towards the bed. What welcomed him was Ximena's abnormally blushed face. Her eyes, nose and mouth twisted in an agonized expression. Clearly, she was in pain.

When Aaron saw that, his blood quickly ran cold and his face was drained of color. Without hesitating, he bent to touch Ximena's head. 'Something is definitely wrong, ' Aaron thought, his heart beating fast. Ximena was burning up.

Without thinking, Aaron immediately wrapped her with a quilt and carried her in his arms. He held her tightly, as if she was going to evaporate any second. With his breath becoming more labored as the seconds passed, he went downstairs quickly.

Hearing his hurried footsteps and seeing what he was doing, all the servants stopped what they were doing and looked at him in confusion. They could not figure out what had happened.

"She must have had a fever for some time now! You idiots! How come none of you noticed that! Why are you useless pieces of crap working here? You all are no help! You're all fired!" Aaron said in a cold, commanding tone as he passed the

ere should have been no moisture. Then, he was able to conclude that there was only one way this could have happened— the conditions of coldness and moisture had been created by Ximena herself, though artificially. 'She must have kept her own body in cold water for a long time when I was not around, ' he thought to himself.

The conclusion made him sneer at the woman sleeping in the bed in front of him. Never for a second did he doubt that she could do such a thing. With these thoughts in his mind, he felt a pang of pain in his heart again. At the same time, the light from his eyes, which he had been taking care of just for Ximena, dimmed significantly. He had always thought that he was able to see through people and to find their humanity, but it was not until now that he found it extremely difficult for him to understand her. Perhaps it was because he had come to expect to start a family together with her that he became afraid and unwilling to think about everything clearly and he became sensitive and unable to control his own behavior.

While thinking of that, he could not help but mock himself and laugh at his stupidity. With a bitter smile plastered in his lips, he thought, 'Ximena, are you really so eager to die that you do this to yourself? Why are you doing this? To escape from my grip or to tell me that I can't control you since you are even not afraid of death?

I want a family, but not necessarily together with you!'

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