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   Chapter 930 Extra Story 68 Of Aaron Waking Up From A Fancy Dream

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7406

Updated: 2019-07-02 00:12

As she clutched the pen tightly in her hand, Vivi's provocative eyes flashed through her mind. She imagined Aaron caressing Vivi with his hands, the hands which had hugged her passionately before.

She felt a sudden lurch in her stomach. Although she knew that he had affairs with quite a number of women and that she was just one of them, and those sweet words he said to her was just flippant words, not his true feelings, she still felt a sharp pain deep inside.

"He-he... Ximena, what the hell are you thinking?" she huffed, scorning at herself. "If you are still nurturing feelings for Aaron, that only means that you are degrading yourself even more and you have no one else to blame but yourself."

As her mind went on a rampage, she was so pissed off that she bit down on her lips hard. Even as her lips cracked and blood oozed out, she didn't care to stop biting. Her eyes, which had hidden too many sour life experiences within them, were full of self-mockery.

She attached herself to Aaron simply because she wanted to live the life which she had always wanted. After experiencing the tragic love with James and the loss of her baby, she did not want to hold onto something that did not belong to her. As long as she could live a good life and didn't have to lose her pride and dignity when she met Aaron's demands, she would be satisfied.

With an abrupt "snap", the pen in her hand broke into two. She jumped to her feet and rushed into the bathroom. As soon as she entered into the shower, she sank down to hit the smooth tiles. With a vague consciousness, she turned on the shower. Cold water hit her mercilessly and wet her from head to toe. She didn't feel the coldness that was engulfing her body at that moment; she just sat on the bathroom floor motionless.

The cold water wet her shirt and her hair; she was a total mess, but she didn't care. She was immersed in her miserable thoughts. 'I need to wake up. I need to wake up from this fancy dream... If I want to live in this island which I hate so much, I need to wake up. Everything I have at this moment will vanish if Aaron loses his interest in me.

Aaron could never fall in love with me, just as I couldn't fall for him. Neithe

t one of them would have some mercy on her. Like the kind young person who had saved her last time. But she knew that such good luck wouldn't come by every time. Her eyes were full of rage and hatred towards the boys who denied her food. She took one look at the head hooligan who was laughing at her and rushed towards him, biting his ear hard until it bled.


the boy cried. He had not expected that she would attack him all of a sudden, and the pain hit him hard.

"Damn you! Eat shit!" he cursed angrily, pushing her down.

He threw the moldy bread on the dirty ground and stepped on it several times. After crushing the bread under his feet, he left sulkily.

Ximena looked at the piece of bread, which lay on the dirty ground. But she didn't care about its appearance. Slowly, she picked it up with her little bruised hand.

It began to rain slowly. At the beginning, it was just drizzling and then it started raining cats and dogs. Her small body was drenched; she looked like a sad little puppy on the side of the road.

She crammed the bread into her mouth and gobbled it hastily, choked by it several times. She swallowed it with the rain water. She felt nauseous by the moldy smell and wanted to spit it out. But she knew that she couldn't. She wanted to live, even through this hell. Panting slowly, she finally managed to swallow all of it. 'One day, I will live a normal and decent life, like a real human, '

she promised herself firmly.

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