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   Chapter 929 Extra Story 67 Of Aaron Waking Up From A Fancy Dream

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After being slapped by Vivi abruptly, Ximena was in a really bad mood. With no enthusiasm to work, she dismissed her staff, gave them the rest of the day off, grabbed her bag and turned to leave.

But her body became sluggish as she remembered the scene where Aaron had taken Vivi away from there. The corner of her lips curled into a pitiful smirk. Without her even realizing it, deep sadness crept into her eyes.

Back at the manor, the flowers were in full bloom because it was early spring, and the fragrance, mixed with the air, reached her in waves. She stood under a huge tree which was full of flowers and was lost in her thoughts. A light wind stirred up her long hair, and a shower of petals fell on her shoulders and head.

Another year had slipped by quietly. So many things had happened to her that year, but her memories were so vivid, like they had happened just yesterday.

Mixed emotions took over her as she remembered the things that she had gone through this past year—the pain, the injuries, and the tender, romantic feelings. If she just took a step back, gave up her indifference and pride, and trusted his love for her, could she get the warmth he had promised and also have what he called "home"? She asked herself the question as she stood silently.

Ximena picked up a petal from her shoulder and inadvertently smiled. She had no idea if her smile was full of bitterness from the acceptance of her destiny, knowing that she was just so helpless… Or was she really hoping to find something worth smiling in her future?

The flowers would bloom again when the season changed. So, why did she have to cling to the past and never let it go? In any case, he wouldn't let her go, and... Deep inside, she didn't want to leave either.

"Miss Mo, you are off work early today," a servant greeted her with a smile. Although Ximena seemed arrogant and aloof, the servants at the villa knew that she was kind-hearted, so they all kind of loved her.

Ximena came back to her senses, withdrew

e, desperately looking forward to the time when he would give it some love too, until one day, the multiflora rose withered completely and died.

"Miss Mo, dinner is ready. Would you like to have it now?" the servant asked Ximena kindly, interrupting her thoughts. It was really late into the night.

"No, I'll wait and have it with him when he's back," Ximena said. She laughed at herself for being accustomed to having dinner with him. "You may get back to your work. I want to be alone for now."

The servant seemed to want to persuade her to have dinner, but when she looked at Ximena's indifferent face indicating her cold refusal, she zipped up her mouth and walked away.

The night turned increasingly dark, and Ximena was sitting in front of the designing desk. She felt a chill, but didn't want to go to bed. She slightly increased the temperature of the air-conditioner and started drawing lines for the dress which was to be specially made for Mrs. Zhao and Mrs. Li while she patiently waited for Aaron's return.

The ticking of the clock made it impossible for her to concentrate on her design. Her gaze uncontrollably went towards the clock frequently. Half past ten... Eleven... Half past eleven… Twelve. She waited for him hour after hour... 'He's not coming back tonight, is he?' Ximena asked herself with a sad smile.

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