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   Chapter 928 Extra Story 66 Of Aaron Indifference

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The air around felt frozen. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Aaron to see what he would do. Would he believe Zoey and help Vivi, or would he take Ximena's side?

"Aaron, I'm fine. She must have done it unintentionally. Don't blame her, please," Vivi said, with tears in her eyes. Her look was so pitiful and innocent that any gentleman would have defended her.

Remaining silent, Ximena scorned her act secretly. She wasn't sure what Aaron was thinking. He had been treating her like family lately. But she didn't know why. Was it for the sake of his aborted child or did he just merely want someone to be his family? She felt dejected as she thought about it. She looked away from Aaron and stared at a vase of roses indifferently.

She had designed that vase. Not long after she had completed the design, the vase had appeared in her room. She didn't know when Aaron had found her design. She took the vase to her shop when she had set up shop as a designer. Everyday, she would pick some roses at the manor, bring them to the shop and put them in the vase. She never figured why she did so, but these were her favorite flowers which came from Aaron. She placed them in her line of sight everyday. But it seemed so ridiculous at the moment.

Aaron squinted when he saw that Ximena had an indifferent look on her face, as if she was saying that she didn't care about him at all. "Let's go." He tilted up Vivi's chin and looked down at her fair face. "I'll drive you home."

"Aaron..." Vivi called his name with immense surprise and she blushed because of his gaze on her.

" Don't you want me to drive you home?" Aaron asked Vivi, while looking at Ximena out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes, of course!" Giggling with her face down, Vivi replied with a coquettish, soft voice which really contrasted with Ximena's indifference.

She took his arm shyly and leaned closer to him intentionally and even managed to dart a defiant glance at Ximena when she turned around.

Ximena sneered without knowing whom she had directed it towards--Aaron or Vivi. After losing her child, she always wondered why she hadn't left him. Though there was a justification that she couldn't live without him, why didn't she WANT to leave him? Did she lose her heart to his gentle and thoughtful nature? Was she looking forward to the home he had promised? Or was it just that she didn't want to live a vile life like before?

At that very moment, she told herself, 'My self-esteem in this scenario shouldn't matter at all. I shouldn't be bothered about who Aaron believes or who he falls in love with. I need only to press forward towards my ideal life, as I stay with him. Yes, that's it! That's all that matters to me.'

Aaron darted an indifferent glance at Ximena and said,"Go and treat the bruise on your face." He couldn't ignore her after all, though he knew that they no longer had any connection without that aborted child.

Ximena smirked,"Thanks for your concern, Your Highness. Rest assured, I will treat it carefully until it completely heals, lest it disgusts you to be in my presence."

Her ironic tone made everyone tense up. How co

t her balance in the process. "Ah!" she screamed and fell onto the cold ground. Her face went pale and distorted immediately.

Zoey sat on the ground. It was so painful that she sweated and panted.

Aaron got a phone call from Zoey when he was about to leave the villa district. "What?" he asked impatiently.

"Aaron, I sprained my foot. Come back, please. It hurts badly." Zoey struggled hard to control her tremulous voice.

Aaron frowned and knew that she was not pretending. "Go back."

The car turned around and went in the opposite direction. Aaron sighed. Even if he didn't want to admit it, she was still his younger sister after all.

He took Zoey to the hospital. The doctor said that she was badly injured and needed to be hospitalized to find out whether the bone was broken. By the time he had arranged everything for her, it was dark. He needed to go home soon. He knew that Ximena must be waiting for him to have dinner.


Zoey grabbed onto his shirt with her trembling hand. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Aaron looked at her distantly.

"Aaron, could you please stay with me?" Though usually domineering, Zoey was afraid to stay in the ward all alone. She grew up under constant protection because she was Aaron's sister, but now, she had no one looking out for her. "I'm afraid to stay in the hospital alone."

Aaron frowned and wished to leave. But when he saw her sorrowful face, which closely resembled his mother's, he could not reject her anymore.

"My dad is not home, and I'm afraid of the dark." Zoey hung her head low and sobbed.

When he looked at her crying face, something stirred up in his heart. Finally he said,"I will stay."

Zoey looked up at him suddenly. She gazed at Aaron with happiness in her tear-filled eyes.

Aaron withdrew his arm from her grasp and sat on the sofa. He was in a daze for a long time. All he could think about was Ximena's distant face at the shop.

Maybe she was why he yearned for a home now. But he had lived without a home for so many years. He had gotten used to this, hadn't he?

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