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   Chapter 927 Extra Story 65 Of Aaron Affliction

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9222

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"Zoey, I think we should just let it go," Vivi said, her mind still far off.

"Why? Vivi, are you afraid of her?" Zoey asked in confusion. She found it ridiculous that she would even think that.

Vivi felt her heart skip a beat at Zoey's words. She sneered, "Afraid of her? How could I, a respectable woman from the powerful Zhuang family, be afraid of a slut like her? Fine, let's go. I just want to see what kind of clothes that bitch is selling."

The two gallivanted towards the shop laughing and chatting. Meanwhile, Ximena had no idea what was coming for her.

She had just finished two consecutive meetings. She discussed with her clients what designs they would like and other important details. She sat at her table and sipped her tea to relax. She rubbed her own shoulders as a way to relax. When she scanned the room full of clothes that she designed, she couldn't help but burst with pride. She felt like she was looking at her own children.

When the word "children" came to her mind, her eyes dimmed.

"I thought it would be at least big but it's so small. Do they even have customers? Why would anyone go here? It's so cheap. Nothing new here, cheap clothes can only be bought by cheap people."

When Ximena heard this, she rushed right out as she already had a feeling on who they were. True enough, as expected, she found Vivi and Zoey standing outside. "I wonder what Mrs. Zhao and Mrs. Li will think if they hear you talking about the place that they had just ordered clothes from like that," Ximena spat.

Vivi's face turned pale. Although Mrs. Zhao and Mrs. Li weren't born to the royal family, they were both noble and respectable women. The Zhuang family wouldn't dare offend either the Zhao family and the Li family.

"You..." Vivi was speechless.

Ximena had her arms crossed over her chest and a cold smile was pasted on her face. "Me? Okay, go on. What about me?"

Zoey pointed at Ximena and spoke in an arrogant tone, "Hmm! Do you think that just because my brother gave you a shop that means that you're worth something? It means nothing! My brother will give me anything as long as I ask!"

"Anything? You think he'd give you Leng's Corporations if you wanted it?" Ximena interrupted her.

Zoey knew very well that Aaron would never give Leng's Corporations to her regardless if she wanted it or not. She was at a loss for words. Her face turned pale then green when she saw the triumphant look on Ximena's face.

Vivi rushed to Zoey's defense, "Hmm... Some people have seen so little of the world. Thus, they have no idea that what treasured is actually cheap as dirt. Like the saying goes, mistaking a stone for a treasure. However, they think so much of themselves, and feel proud of stealing things from

dn't want anything happening to you. I have nothing more to say to you."

"You... You..." Vivi wasn't able to finish her sentence as she burst into tears before she could. Meanwhile, Zoey still look stunned from what had happened. She was scared of Ximena.

"In fact, what do you have to be proud of? Do you really think you're better than me? You're wrong. We're just two of his many women. Neither of us is better than the other." After Ximena finished speaking, she gestured for both of them to leave. "If you have nothing more to say, please leave. My shop's too small for ladies such as yourselves," she said.

Vivi's makeup had been ruined by her tears. Her eyes had swollen in a funny shape.

When Aaron arrived at the shop, Ximena had been threatening Vivi with the scissors. Ken had been ready to go inside when Aaron had stopped him. Aaron had wanted to see how Ximena would handle the situation.

When he heard Ximena claim that neither of them was better than the other because they were just two of his many women, he felt his heart twist.

He despised how Ximena demeaned herself. She might have not grown up in a rich and powerful family like this but soon, she'd be the queen of this rich and powerful family of his. He would make her as noble as a queen.

Now that Vivi and Zoey were leaving, Aaron decided to show himself to them. As soon as Vivi saw Aaron, she burst into tears.

"Aaron..." Vivi cried out. She ran to him and enveloped herself around, trembling like a puppy.

"Ximena hit Vivi!" Zoey took the responsibility of explaining to Aaron so as to put Ximena under a bad light.

Ximena remained quiet, uttering only mocking sounds as she looked at Aaron blankly. She told herself that she would leave but her feet remained planted on the floor. She wanted to hear what Aaron had to say.


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