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   Chapter 926 Extra Story 64 Of Aaron Affliction

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After being tossed by Aaron for a while, Ximena finally fell asleep. She woke up just in time for supper. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she was going to be able to make it to New Year's Eve dinner which was traditionally supposed to be a family event. However, her hip still hurt so much.

"You like braised meatballs in brown sauce, don't you? Eat as much as you like," Aaron said, putting more meatballs on Ximena's place nonchalantly.

Ximena felt her stomach twist when she saw Aaron put more food on her place. She thought to herself, 'Is he serious? Who would eat this after going through what I went through?'

Aaron didn't seem to care what she really thought. When he saw Ximena refusing to eat, he added fuel to the fire by saying, "You shouldn't be such a picky eater. You should have a balanced diet. You have to eat lots of different food to be healthy."

In Ximena's mind, she was cursing him, 'If he knew how frail my health was, then why did he have to do that to me!'

This was the only thing Ximena could do. After a moment's pause, she responded in a cold voice, "Thanks, but I don't really feel like eating right now."

Aaron let it go. The rest of the dinner went by surprisingly smoothly, so Aaron didn't let the night go by without him doing his routine to her.

Ximena could do nothing but curse him in her mind.

One rainy winter day, Ximena snuggled inside the warm house with a book. She was already feeling better but Aaron still wouldn't allow her to go out. He told her to keep recuperating and to remain healthy.

She liked reading books about fashion design. She was particularly interested in delicate patterns and styles as well as avant-garde designs. As she read, she felt her heart twitching in excitement. She grabbed her sketchbook and charcoal pencils and started drawing right then and there. Ximena had always dreamed of being a fashion designer but she had never really done anything to really try and pursue it. However, she'd been drawing and designing clothes on her own for a while now. She was so focused on drawing that she hadn't noticed that Aaron had already come back until he came over to stand next to her and commented, "Not bad."

Ximena jumped at the sound of that. She swiftly turned her head to find Aaron standing next to her. She automatically shut her sketchbook close and clutched it tightly against her chest.

"Why are you hiding it from me? I already saw it, you know," Aaron said as he moved to sit next to her.

Ximena couldn't utter a

sales ladies as soon as they entered the shop. They were both enraged at what they had just heard.

"She's such a bitch. My brother will never marry her," Zoey said, annoyed.

"They're never going to get married. That's impossible. It's just impossible for Aaron to marry her. She opened a fashion shop? Now, I want to see that. What kind of shop does that stupid girl run?" Vivi said rather cruelly.

"That's true. She's so annoying. My brother should be done playing with her right now. Vivi, just calm down. I don't think this is for good. When my brother's done playing with her, she'll be miserable for the rest of her life. You're going to be my sister-in-law, not her or anyone else," Zoey expressed her loyalty for her friend. She seemed to be more invested and angrier than Vivi was.

Vivi felt her eyes tearing up. She was moved by Zoey's loyalty. She looked at Zoey, "Zoey..." She burst into tears.

Angrily, Zoey continued, "Besides, she had an abortion. That makes her a terrible person."

This gave Vivi an idea. If Aaron impregnated her then Aaron would have no choice but to marry her. The more she thought over the plan, the more convinced she was about it. However, she hadn't seen Aaron in a long time. How could she execute her plan then?

"While we're in the area, maybe we should check out the shop that that bitch just opened," Zoey said evilly.

Vivi agreed right away. She too wanted to see what the shop looked like.

"Because she's special, you'd better remember never to make trouble for her together with Zoey!"

However, the memory of Aaron threatening her stopped her tracks.

"What's wrong?" Zoey asked when she saw Vivi stop walking.

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