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   Chapter 925 Extra Story 63 Of Aaron Discharged From The Hospital

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Getting near the place, however, she saw an English style white lacquer table with hollowed-out carved designs, a hammock in the shape of a hanging basket in which people could have a nap inside, and a lot of roses scattered inside. She could even smell the pleasant scent of the roses.

Of course, it would be even better if the empty bookshelf just beside the hammock was filled with magazines and books about dress design and fashion.

"I'm afraid you are still too weak to read, so I have asked Ken to remove the books and magazines. When you are in a much better physical condition, this place will be filled with everything you like." Aaron sensed Ximena was a little upset about the empty shelf, so he calmly explained.

However, Ximena didn't give him any response, as she was lost in her fantasy about the life she had always yearned for. Out of her happiness, on the back of her mind, she remembered a saying, "When God closes a door for you, he will open another window for you." 'Is that what I am experiencing now?' she asked herself silently.

As he was watching her smiling face, his eyes became soft, though there was also a little bitterness and self-mockery inside. Wanting to surprise her even more, Aaron opened the glass door just in time as Ximena turned around, and right there and then, right before her eyes, she saw a sea of roses. She was filled with mirth, standing still, stunned, and didn't know how to express her emotion right now.

Then with slow and steady steps, Aaron went up and held her in his arms, his chin gently leaned on Ximena's shoulder. His warm breath spreading over her ear, he asked carefully, "Do you like it?"

Ximena's nose was stinging and she felt like crying. She wondered, 'Why does he do this for me after I've lost the baby? Why didn't all these come early? Is he truly in love with me and would do this kind of thing for me? True love? Could Aaron have that kind of thing?'

"I always have the thought that we will live here in the future, like the usual couple, with two lovely kids around us. You can open a clothing design shop and do whatever you want to do. When I finish my job, I will go back home and have dinner with you and the kids. Every night, we will tell the kids bedtime stories, watch them fall asleep, and kiss their foreheads. Things like that. So simple, for a li

e alley after another, looking for food in the dustbins, and when others were happily reunited and shot off firecrackers to celebrate, she was alone and shivering in the cold night wind.

Feeling that Ximena was absent-minded, Aaron asked gently, "What's the matter?"

Ximena looked up at Aaron, and said, "Nothing. I just didn't expect it to be this way."

"This is also my first time to experience the feeling of celebrating the New Year," Aaron said in a bitter tone, yet at the moment his eyes were glowing with happiness.

Feeling sorry for him, Ximena was stunned. Then, Aaron told her the truth, "No one has ever accompanied me to celebrate the New Year before, and it's no fun to celebrate it alone. When I was a kid, because of my old man, I never had a chance to celebrate the New Year. Later then Zoey's dad, also my stepfather, was always in bad condition. As a result, no one could celebrate the New Year with me."

Ximena beamed, her eyes flickering with a touch of complex glow, and said in a bit unnatural tone, "Wow, this is my honor, Your Highness! You have given me your first time."

Slightly annoyed by her response, Aaron frowned and thought, 'What? Is she making fun of me?' Wanting to take back on her, Aaron then came forward and put his arms around Ximena's waist from behind.


Surprised, Ximena turned around and said. But before Ximena could ask anything, her words were swallowed.

At that very moment, with the early whistles and showers of fireworks and firecrackers, Ximena was passionately kissed by Aaron.

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