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   Chapter 924 Extra Story 62 Of Aaron Discharged From The Hospital

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8221

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Aldrich's words didn't ease the tensed atmosphere. Instead, what he said had worsened it.

Everyone present found themselves lost in silence. Nobody dared to move nor made a single noise. If one had a coin and dropped it on the floor, for sure the tinkling of the coin would echo across the room amidst the ghoul silence. They all bowed their heads low and were too afraid to break the stillness.

In times like these, Aaron was supposed to be the most sophisticated in dealing with the situation, but at this moment, finding himself that he too was lost in silence, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Aldrich was staring at Aaron with his sharp eyes. Yet, Aaron with his dark eyes did not avoid his gaze; instead, he looked straight right into his eyes. The father Aldrich and the son Aaron, who seemed to share a deep hatred towards each other, were staring fiercely into each other's eyes. At that moment, the argument they had with their mouths earlier had shifted through their eyes and judging from the way they looked at each other, a decision would be determined within a second.

Meanwhile, Helen felt awful and she kept wearing a terrible facial expression. But, she had promised Aldrich that she would keep her silence and had no say about the matter before coming here. Moreover, her three sons had already handed over their shares of the Leng's Corporations to Aaron, what else could she say to argue? Needless to say, every time she was faced with Aaron, whatever she wanted to say would always be meaningless!

"About the question, if it's over or not, does it really matter to you?" With his menacing gaze still on his father's face, Aaron's aloof voice spat out slowly. "You just want to hear that forgiveness from me, right? In fact, even though I won't forgive you, do you really care at all?" He sneered coldly and continued, "Before you ask me, you'd better ask yourself first... If you have decided that it's over, then you shouldn't come here to ask me anymore."

Hearing his argument, deep inside, Aldrich was annoyed at Aaron but somehow loved him being his son. Among his four sons, he found that only Aaron, who had not grown up by his side, was the one that was very like him, both in characters and appearance. Looking at Aaron was like looking himself in a mirror. Aldrich could always see the younger version of himself at Aaron.

Amidst the state of heavy minds and absent-mindedness of the people around the table, the d

t to vent out and only showed her a gloomy face.

After some time, the car arrived at the manor which Aaron called "new home". Even though it was in winter now, it could not be felt in QY Island, and the flowers were blooming proudly in the lawn. As soon as Ximena got out of the car, she smelled the delicate fragrance.

Closing the car door behind her, Aaron took Ximena's hand, and she subconsciously tried to pull her hand back from his palm, but she failed as it was held tight by Aaron. Then she turned back and had a look at him. In return, he looked at her eyes and said softly, "We're home now."

At that moment, Ximena felt a deep touching emotion spread over her, and she looked at Aaron as if she were unfamiliar with the man in front of her.

Home, a word he had mentioned so many times today. After she lost the child, she thought she no longer wanted anything. However, when Aaron peeled away her disguise of pretending to be strong and offered her a warm home she always longed for, she only realized that she really couldn't be happier to have all that.

Knowing that to resist would be futile, Ximena didn't struggle anymore, allowing Aaron to lead her and walk inside. Walking in, Ximena noticed that the decorations inside the house were her favorites, and the whole decoration style was very warm, unlike those delicate villas full of the cold and lonely atmosphere before.

After showing her around, Aaron pulled Ximena out of the house and they headed for the greenhouse. Not knowing where he would lead her, Ximena grew somewhat hesitant and slowed down her walking pace as she approached the greenhouse.

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