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   Chapter 921 Extra Story 59 Of Aaron A Luxurious Dream

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Aaron looked at the doctor with a pained expression. The words that he heard seemingly dropped a very heavy stone on his heart, and it was making his body feel heavier than it actually was. His bones felt weak, his knees started to buckle, and tears were forming in his eyes. He tried steadying himself. After that, he asked the doctor, though his voice was shaky. "Is there any way to cure her?"

"Yes," the doctor answered, letting out a deep sigh. "But then again, there is only a very slim chance that it would work."

Aaron thanked the doctor and returned to Ximena's room. Ximena was sleeping, and Aaron couldn't help but watch her. The doctor's words were still echoing in his ears. Melancholic darkness was gradually filling his chest, and an aura of despair started to manifest in his handsome face.

'Will the gap between us exist forever if we don't have a baby? Our baby is now gone! With it is the bridge that would help us cross that gap! Just when we saw an opportunity to finally have a fresh start, this happens. Why?' he thought, almost tearing up. All he was feeling was coldness, as if he had fallen into a freezing river. He felt that he would dwell in the bottom of the abyss built by their misunderstanding forever and that he would never be able to swim back to land.

The whole thing was becoming too much to handle for Aaron, and so he decided to go out and get some fresh air. As the dim light of the corridor hit him, he looked like a ghost with nowhere to go. Everywhere he looked reminded him of the abyss he was dreading, and it didn't make him feel good.

His footsteps were the only sound he heard as he went towards the lift. It made him feel deeply lonely and alone.

When he got to the front of the lift, he pressed the button, waited, and watched the changing number on the lift display.

A pattering of footstep wafted into Aaron's ears as a nurse on her night patrol approached from the other end of the corridor. She was holding a pile of medical records in her arms. Aaron's lonely shadow startled her. She thought he was a ghost, but she quickly realized that it was a living, breathing human being. Although it was not strange to see a couple of lonely people in the hospital at such an hour, Aaron had a peculiar quality to him. For some reason, the intensity of his despair impressed her. When she got in front of the lift, she looked at him with a pair of suspicious eyes, wondering who he was. The sadness and helplessness surrounding him was so strong that she could clearly, and eerily, feel it.


The lift came and its door opened. Aaron stepped inside and pushed the button for the underground parking

walked towards the door. The soft morning sunshine shined on him, making him feel warm, but it also cast a long, lonely shadow on the floor behind him.

"Let's see some latest news. Leng's Corporations has gone through a thorough shuffling of its personnel in the three months since Aaron took control of it. Most of the corrupt supervisors and employees have been fired and have been handed over to the police for their crimes. Hundreds of millions of dollars were recovered..."

The big LED screen was playing the news about the extensive purging in Leng's Corporations that was spearheaded by Aaron. It attracted everyone's attention on the bustling street. Every kind of newspaper and magazine reported it on their front page. All newspaper kiosks were crowded with people who wanted to purchase a newspaper. Almost every pedestrian was holding a piece of newspaper.

"Jesus! There were so many problems in Leng's Corporations. Can you believe it?"

"I'm surprised to learn about that, too. I know this man. He was awarded as the most successful manager by the Leng's Corporations last year. It's unbelievable that he embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from the company!"


The thorough change of personnel in the Leng's Corporations became a fervent topic in the country. People everywhere talked about it all the time and their enthusiasm about it would seem to last a very long time.

In the hospital, Ximena was watching the TV with sadness in her eyes. The reports on the Leng's Corporations, however, meant nothing to her.

Five days had passed since he visited her. Her heart ached the first few days, but it finally became numb. She accepted her fate with no resistance.

'Does this mean... that our relationship has ended?' she wondered.

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