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   Chapter 920 Extra Story 58 Of Aaron A Luxurious Dream

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"So Ximena, do you want to have a baby?" Aaron asked, fire burning in his eyes. Not waiting for a reply, he continued, "Well, okay then! Let's have a baby! I'll give you anything you want!"

Fury was all Aaron could feel. Much like a time bomb, his words shook the room. Silence was all that could be heard. Ximena didn't expect that he would react in such a way and it stunned her.

Ximena stared at Aaron blankly, her eyes filled with a combination of utter confusion and deep despair. After a short while, however, a weird smile crept up on her lips. In a low, almost threatening voice, she said flatly, "What a surprise. I never thought I'd ever hear those words from you. It made me truly feel uneasy." Right after she spoke, Ximena turned away from Aaron, disgusted by the very sight of him.

There would always be things that would be out of an ordinary person's reach. It was something that Ximena was fully aware of. She knew what kind of person she was, so she never dreamt of having things that were beyond her reach. And since she didn't expect anything, she knew that she would never be disappointed.

Taking in a deep breath, Ximena calmed herself down and said inwardly, 'Ximena, bear in mind who you are and lead the life you deserve. Right now, you're no better than a creeper which depends on the tree it coils around for survival. Just earn your living from the most powerful man in the QY Island. There's literally nothing beyond that kind of relationship. Accept that now or suffer the consequences!' Despair was already eating her insides.

Conflicting feelings filled in Aaron's chest as he was looking at Ximena. He knew very well that it was impossible for her to believe him and his words. Who would believe what he said? Would a man like him, a man who had won and controlled every inch of the QY Island through every conceivable way, whether it be good or evil, really want to have a baby with an abject woman from the lowest class?

No one would take him seriously. Actually, he also found the whole thing funny. But above all, he knew that Ximena would never believe any of it. There was no way she would believe him and what he said!

But then... When he saw the sadness in Ximena's eyes, suddenly, he felt his throat close up, creating an uncomfortable suffocating sensation. He saw tears forming in her eyes, but she fought back and suppressed her sadness. 'Why are you feeling this way towards her?' Aaron asked himself, stunned by his own reactions.



Aaron was interrupted as the door was pushed open. With a surprised look, he turned around an

ill." Despite this positive answer, Ximena saw a strange expression on the doctor's face. It was as if she had asked him a silly question. The doctor then continued his response, in a professional and peaceful manner, "But no sex in the next three months, okay? If you do, it will only exacerbate your condition. Are we clear?"

Ximena nodded slightly and a bitter smile graced her lips. She said nothing.

The doctor smiled back, understanding her response. He and the nurse then left the room.

While this was all happening, Aaron patiently waited outside the room. He had, of course, heard everything that Ximena and the doctor talked about. When the doctor came out and saw him, he signaled to him to keep silent about him being there. He then cast a look at the room before turning to walk to the end of the corridor.

After the doctor ordered the nurse to go and prepare the medicine, he turned around and caught up with Aaron, "Mr. Leng!" he shouted.

When Aaron heard the doctor, he turned around and greeted him. Taking a deep breath, he started questioning the doctor. "Will she..." Aaron hesitated before asking. "Will Ximena be able get pregnant again?"

The doctor's lips twitched, and his eyes quickly avoided Aaron's gaze. After steadying himself, he began answering Aaron's question. "Miss Mo's uterine wall is too thin. The abortion will badly affect it. Also, she has taken too many pills which did not help her at all whatsoever..."

"So?" Aaron asked in a colder tone.

The doctor's heart missed a beat when he heard the change in Aaron's tone. Carefully, he responded, "There is little chance for Miss Mo to get pregnant. She could, but it would be hard. There's only a 5% possibility of that happening."

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