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   Chapter 919 Extra Story 57 Of Aaron Being Heartbroken

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9026

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"Zoey, the baby in her womb was lost..." said Vivi while looking at Zoey, with an even more painful expression.

"Oh really? If it was the case, she deserved it…" said Zoey instinctively. Suddenly, her eyes glared and her mouth went slightly open. She was startled and speechless for a while before she could ask Vivi again," You… what did you just say?

Ximena's baby is lost? That's what you want to tell me?" Without saying a word, Vivi nodded, the pain on her face spreading wildly, revealing a deeper level of despair and pain. "How is that possible?"

With a loud gasping voice, Zoey cried out carelessly and abruptly, which attracted a lot of attention in the cafe.

"Yeah, I also want to ask how's that possible?" This time, Vivi's voice was light and indifferent, as if she was asking herself.

With the news syncing down on her, Zoey's arrogance immediately faded away, and she shrugged her shoulders, as if unwilling to admit the truth, but she had to whether she liked it or not. Then with a softer voice, she said in a frustrated tone," My brother even allowed that woman to have his baby."

Realizing the fact, Zoey felt a little sad, not for Vivi, but for herself.

Indeed, no one could teach the heart whom to love or not to love. Especially with Aaron, no one could walk into his life and care for his heart and be loved by him back. Even Zoey, his half-sister could not even do that. As long as she acted carefully and did not cross his bottom line, he would not do anything to her, and would just allow her to act on her own will. But, deep in her heart, she knew…

She knew very well that he didn't think of her as his sister at all. Every time he was near her, Zoey could feel that he didn't like her. Not in her entire life did Zoey ever felt that Aaron showed his sincere brotherly love for her, nor even just a slight concern.

With that, Zoey had been used to his cold treatment. If it was not for the reason that they shared the same mother, she was even afraid that he would have thrown her directly into the sea to be fed to the sharks after she acted against his wills so many times. The more she thought about it, the more crossed she was with Aaron. Looking down at the coffee the waiter had just put down in front of her, she stirred it gently with a spoon, even forgetting that she didn't add any milk or sugar at all.

With their head hanged low, Vivi and Zoey went quiet and just sipped their coffees with different thoughts running on their heads. Behind them the café grew busier as costumers come and go, everything around them seemed to go on normally.

While on that table by the corner seated two friends whose minds and hearts were troubled. Bo


"Aaron Leng," Ximena said pointedly and suddenly smiled, but her face was full of irony. "Since you knew it and you said you wanted this baby, then why didn't you tell me earlier?" Seeing the joy on her face and the tears that were slowly brimming on her eyes, Aaron stammered," I…" He suddenly lost his tongue, thinking that he had been so ridiculous to wait for her to confess about her pregnancy to him, and felt that all he had to bear was her sharp inquiry. He now realized that it was impossible for her to tell him first, just because she was scared of him, and his powerful identity.

After learning that both of them just waited for each other to make the first move, no one spoke out. Their inhibition had caused such a misunderstanding that eventually led the two of them to regret what they hadn't done. "Well, you're not sure if you want to the baby, are you?" Breaking the odd silence, Ximena asked and sneered coldly. "I have lost the baby. There is nothing I can do about it now.

Actually, that's fine. Now, it saved me a lot of trouble. I don't have to worry about it anymore, worry about what kind of life he or she will want, and what kind of environment he or she should live in and if he or she will hate me…"

At the end of her words, Ximena's smile deepened, but tears were welling up unconsciously in her eyes and then pouring the abundant pain in her heart. "What happened was totally fine with me…so fine for me!" Ximena murmured in pain, with tears pouring out from her swollen eyes.

Looking at her crying and in so much pain like this, Aaron frowned tightly, and finally, squeezed out a few words from his teeth," Ximena, if you want to have a child, I will give it to you.

No matter what you want, just tell me and I will definitely give it to you!"

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