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   Chapter 918 Extra Story 56 Of Aaron Being Heartbroken

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9162

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As the night gradually grew deep and dark, inside Ximena's ward, the air seemed to freeze, making it difficult for people to breathe. Sensing the uneasiness and discomfort, however, one would wonder whether it was because of the atmosphere or the pain the patient was suffering.

All remained stationary and still, except for the infusion solution falling down one drop after another. Although it was falling down at a normal rate, people would still feel depressed upon seeing it and even felt suffocated as if the machine was connected to them personally controlling their limited breathing.

Aaron was standing in front of the window and watched the night solemnly that was covered by the haze. At the moment, the only light he could see was the faint yellow street lamps in the hospital yard.

Gazing down at the solemn scene, he heaved a gentle sigh. At the thought of what had happened, Aaron's heart was filled with melancholy. What was worse was that he felt like there was no way to relieve such melancholy at all. Before today, he never knew that in addition to hate and anger, such mood would descend on him.

The little baby hadn't officially met him yet, but…. But now he had lost him forever. He would never have the chance to hold the little angel on his arms or even gaze at such an innocent face. Aside from feeling angry at the moment, he was also sad. His sadness turned out not only because his chance of starting a family of his own was aborted, but also because he was suddenly afraid that after the little baby was lost, the bond between him and Ximena which was established with great efforts and hardships would fall apart and even develop to hate against each other.

'Before, I had always been unable to understand my mom's love for that man. I always felt... that love between a man and a woman was too deceptive to be true. But now it turns out… It's not just illusory, but too illusory, so illusory that it not only made me realize that I could also fall in love with someone that much. Love had also made me hope to be with the woman I love for the rest of my life. The hope that she would never leave me alone, no matter if I have achieved great success or suffer a great loss.

That through thick or thin, richer or poorer, she would always stay by my side no matter what life throws upon us. Love, on the one hand, makes people so fascinated and longing for it; on the other hand, it makes people so scared, so at a loss…' thought Aaron. As he stood by the window his mind was filled with different thoughts and plans as to how would he react in case Ximena decided to leave him. 'Love, indeed makes people's lives more fascinating, but on one hand, it also makes people so scared of loss.

Ximena, if

inued," Even my cell phone had been confiscated. I was so pissed off. Look at what my dad had done to me? I'm not a prisoner for goodness' sake!" Listening to her complaints, Vivi's heart grew heavier and her face was filled with worries.

Sensing her worries, Zoey sighed deeply and said in a complaining tone while pouting her lips," What's wrong with you? I didn't even tell you what happened that day."

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. Thinking of Ximena's exalted and mighty manners on the day she went to the villa, she was extremely irritated. "No need to tell me now..."

Cutting her short, Vivi looked at Zoey, and the expression on her face was very painful. "Why? What's the matter?" Zoey asked doubtfully.

Knowing her friend and anticipating that something was wrong with Vivi, Zoey asked," I have been isolated from the rest of the world these last few days. Did something big happen?" Watching Zoey's puzzled and curious look, Vivi said with a complicated mood in her heart," Zoey, Ximena rolled down from the stairs..."


Really?!" Shaking her head in disbelief, Zoey exclaimed unbelievably. Suddenly, her eyes brightened, and there was a kind of delighted expression in them as if she felt that bad deeds finally rebounded upon the doer. She then said happily," Hum, she deserved it! Did she break any of her arms or legs during the incident? If she did, it was really good news for me…" Seeing Vivi shook her head, Zoey rolled her eyes and pouted her lips, full of disappointment on her face.

"She was well protected by Aaron," Vivi said, with a bitter smile. "Except for a little scratch, she did not have any serious injuries at all."

"She was really lucky this time," Zoey muttered sulkily, feeling kind of uncomfortable at the depths of her heart that Aaron would protect Ximena.

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