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   Chapter 917 Extra Story 55 Of Aaron Revenge

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Thinking about it, Ximena turned her eyes to Aaron without realizing it, wondering what exactly he was planning to do. Sensing her odd gaze, Aaron didn't have any reaction, letting her look at him with her puzzled face.

All this time, he had tried his best to be nice to Ximena because he wished she could be touched and tell him about her pregnancy without being asked. But now he grew impatient and couldn't wait for her confession. What he wanted now was a family, a real family and a love-filled one. "Since you just became the Executive President, aren't you busy?" Ximena asked him without consideration.

"Aren't you afraid that some people will protest against you?" she added. Not expecting her question, Aaron raised his eyebrows and asked back calmly, "Who would dare do that?"

'Yes, right. Who would dare to protest against him?

The new Executive President, His Highness of the dark world...

Who would dare get in conflict with such a powerful man?' Ximena thought silently. As she couldn't find the exact words to respond to him, Ximena just dropped down her head and went on eating. She felt lame to think about such a foolish topic.

Sitting there with Aaron and his deep dark eyes, she felt uneasy in her mind. She felt something was wrong but could not put her mind into it. However, she never minded it. Since she knew she was pregnant, she always had mood swings like this thus. She thought it was just another surge of mood swing. Fighting the urge to caress her belly in front of Aaron, Ximena shut off all the negatives thoughts in her mind and started to assure herself that everything was going to be alright for her and for her baby.

Meanwhile, Carrie Zhang returned to their house. Angrily, she took out a box from under the bed and opened it carelessly. Inside the box, there was a sheaf of papers folded neatly with one pile placed on the top of the other.

Her face looked cruel and crazy when she was turning the papers one by one until she found what she had b

aven. We will be together once more."

She gazed at the monument for a long time. Minutes later, she seemed to make up her mind and turned around decisively and went out of the cemetery taking the other gate.

The rain fell on her softly, but she seemed not to notice it. She fixed her eyes and only looked in one direction with a weird smile.

Thinking about it, for the first time in her life, Carrie realized that their daughter actually was buried in such an expensive cemetery. Her lips were pulled into a sly laugh as she thought that Aaron and his wife would suffer the same fate. "Hahaha! It's really ridiculous! All of you will come to a bad end! You've murdered my daughter. Now you want to seek my husband's life? You're such a fool, Aaron Leng! All of you will end up dying painfully!"

Under the drizzle in the silent cemetery, the woman held a barrel of oil while brushing the stairs carefully as if she was mastering a delicate craft. Carrie made sure that the oil was totally smeared on the staircase and that the place was totally slippery. One would make a perfect fall the moment they step their feet upon it. Carrie saw to it that her plan would work flawlessly.

After setting her trap, she took one good look at her bait and imagined how Aaron and his wife would look upon the wretch they would fall into.

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