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   Chapter 916 Extra Story 54 Of Aaron Revenge

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On that cold evening, Aaron returned to the villa. He was surprised not to see Ximena sitting on the couch as usual. Aaron had been used to seeing her there for he knew she liked reading books on that spot. Lingering his sight, he frowned slightly and raised his head. Longing to see her, he stepped calmly upstairs expecting to find her there.

Pushing the door open to Ximena's bedroom gently, Aaron saw a quiet scene inside and he became peaceful and comfortable at once. With her face at peace, Ximena was lying on the couch lazily. 'If she wasn't breathing, she would be mistaken as a fairy in a picture, ' Aaron told himself, with his lips curled into a smile.

Captivated by her beauty, Aaron stared at the lovely Ximena who was lying on her side, with her hands under her head. A book laid open and was just at her foot. If she did not hold the book subconsciously, the book would definitely fall from the couch. A few curls of hair fell on her cheeks which were crimson red and flawless as a ruby. She looked like a princess from children's books and the sight of her made it difficult for Aaron to divert his eyes away from her.

As slowly as he could, Aaron closed the door silently and his steps became lighter. He walked nearer to her and sat down by the floor just in front of her lovely face. Squatting gently so as not to wake her up, he just gazed at her while she was sleeping quietly.

He clearly remembered when Ximena just came to the villa, she could not sleep well at night. She had always seen bloody pictures in her dream causing her not to relax completely. She was haunted by scary dreams and terrible nightmares during her early months staying at the villa. It even got to the point that she would wake up screaming and bathing in her own sweat. Aa

so much.

However, she could not complain about it since Aaron was rich enough to eat whatever he wanted. They sat down and started having dinner. As usual, they didn't talk too much the moment they started eating. Generally, Ximena never talked if Aaron wouldn't start their conversation first.

"I will be busy in the coming days, so you'd better don't go outside if not necessary," Aaron said to her.

After finishing eating, Aaron put down his chopsticks and drank his tea. "Okay."

While still munching her veggies, Ximena replied shortly to him. Her puzzled expression increasingly grew as she thought about what Aaron wanted to do. Since he successfully became the Executive President of the Leng's Corporations, he seemed to be totally different from the one she knew. He was not as cruel and cold as before, and even sometimes treated her gently and thoughtfully. She was totally confused and didn't know how to react to him, and to his changing moods.

These past few weeks, he often had dinner with her which never happened before. Moreover, he even insisted on driving her to some places like the shopping mall and so on as long as he was not busy with his work.

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