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   Chapter 915 Extra Story 53 Of Aaron Revenge

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6188

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Along with the busy streets, the ambulance whistled on the road beating the rush hour. During this time most people were returning home from a busy day. The blue and red lights from the ambulance flashed alarmingly and the siren was set in a high pitch. The driver was determined not to meet any delays along the way as every second counted. The sound, the lights, and the haste made by the ambulance made people feel more restless and impatient.

Seeing the pale and pained face of Claude, the clerk of the Investigations Branch secretly spit and cursed, 'Shit! How could I be so hapless? Of all people in the department, why am I so unlucky to handle the case of the Leng's Corporations? What should I do?'

Seated beside Claude, who was lying limply on the bed inside the ambulance, the more the investigator was thinking about it, the angrier he got. In his mind, he thought about kicking Claude out of the ambulance, even though he could see that Claude was passing out then.

After a while, the ambulance arrived at the hospital and the alarm stopped. There were attendants that were waiting by the entrance of the emergency room and a bed was already waiting for the patient. Claude was immediately transferred from the ambulance to the emergency room.

By the nurse station of the hospital, the clerk was busy with the papers and medical records of Claude while the Chief of the Investigation Branch arrived together with other clerks. All of them waited outside of the emergency room, with different hopes and wishes running on their heads. One would wish for Claude's hasty revival while the other wished him certain death so as not to create further troubles knowing that it was the Leng's Corporations whom he had bumped into.

The emergency treatment was finished in less than an hour and the doctor went out. With a relaxed and conf

her shoulders shivered as she sobbed. The two clerks, who had come in together with her, felt sorry to see her crying.

After a long while, Carrie braced herself and stopped crying. Wiping her eyes dry, she said something and tried to make him feel better, "I will find the best lawyers for you." Giving Claude a kiss on the forehead, she left the room hastily and strode out of the hospital without looking back. After Carrie was gone, everyone that was left including the head of the Investigation Branch and the chief of police felt relieved as the place grew quiet without Carrie's hysterical cries.

Left alone in the room, Claude stared at the ceiling faintly. As time passed by, his eyes wandered and an expression of cruelty appeared on them as if something nasty was formed on his head.

Outside the hospital, the night grew dark and gloomy. Ordinary people from ordinary walks of life were now having their dinners and were satisfied as they shared a hefty meal together with their loved ones. Carrie, on the other hand, was seated on her car lonely. Her heart was heavy at the thought of his husband's cruel fate under the Leng family. Wrath and revenge filled her thoughts and she was determined to get things even.

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