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   Chapter 914 Extra Story 52 Of Aaron Accident

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It seemed that Ximena wasn't going to take the bait. Zoey stayed quiet for a moment to think and then she said, "During these past few days Vivi did..."

"It's none of my business," Ximena said, interrupting her while turning the page.

Zoey's chest heaved with anger. She glared at Ximena and blamed her, "How dare you say that! You took my brother and stole Vivi's lover..."

"What did I steal from her? Is Aaron cargo? A thing that I can take away easily when I wanted to?" Ximena cut her off before she had time to finish her sentence and scorned coldly. "When a dog barks, it knows what for. But why do you lack the ability of self-evaluation?"

"Shut up!" Zoey roared with hot rage. She raised her hand to slap Ximena, but she didn't notice the maid standing close by with a tray of tea in her hands. Consequently, she knocked the tray out of the maid's hand, sending the fine China cup and saucers smashing onto the floor.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, my dear lady..."

"Do you want to die?" Zoey was already in a foul mood because of Ximena when she came in, but now she was feeling murderous with rage.

"It's all my fault. I'm truly sorry for that..." The maid's face was pale, and she trembled with fear. Her shoulders shrank down, and her head was bowed to the ground submissively.

Ximena sat silently choosing not to get involved as she sipped at the juice and watched Zoey throw a tantrum.

Not everyone was willing to put up with other's fury, but when one was working for that other, one had to. Even though the maid did nothing wrong, she would still have to bear the brunt of Zoey's wrath. And if Ximena tried to defend the maid, it would only have made it worse for the maid in the coming days. Zoey was a vindictive woman, and she was bound to seek revenge and punish the poor servant for it.

After some time, the maid had finally picked up all of the brok

this well-paid job, even though she always felt fear and anxiety while she worked for His Highness.

Ximena walked away and said detached of any emotions, "You have the right to quit if you don't like working here."

"No! I never meant that... It's my honor to work for you and His Highness, and I always enjoy working here..."

The words coming from the maid sounded desperate and urgent, but Ximena didn't reply. Instead, she went back to her room.

The staff who were hired to work in the villa were carefully chosen. It would make no difference if Zoey said a few bad words about her. Besides, Aaron had no time to

deal with such trivial things.

In the Corruption Investigation Division of Justice Bureau

"Chief! Chief!" A staff member dressed in a black suit rushed into the office calling out in a frightened voice. "Claude Li has suddenly lost consciousness!"

"What?" The chief stared at the staff member, perplexed.

The staff member's face was pale, and he spoke quickly, "Claude gagged all of a sudden during the interrogation, and then he started foaming at the mouth and collapsed..."

The chief stood stunned for a moment and then shouted, "Why did you tell me first? You damned fool! Call an ambulance!

Right now!"

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