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   Chapter 913 Extra Story 51 Of Aaron Accident

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6142

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Thinking of the family's future, Aaron's mouth gradually curled into a deep smile. He looked at the manor with satisfaction and asked, "How's the greenhouse going?"

"According to Miss Mo's taste and preference, all kinds of roses have been planted in the greenhouse," Ken replied with some relief. "And the bookshelves have been placed in the way that you have designed them to be."

"Good job!" Aaron replied pleased as he casually strolled through the manor, and then finally stepped into the greenhouse.

The greenhouse was a ventilated house made out of transparent glass. It was a lovely place to spend time there, regardless of what the climate was like outside.

Aaron took the remote control and pressed a button. A low buzzing sound could be heard, and then the glass wall that was filled with roses began to fold and moved to one side. He sat on the sofa, and a soft breeze with the sweet scent of flowers blew gently on his face.

'She will love this place, won't she?'

Aaron then pulled out his smartphone and dialed her number.


The tone of her voice on the phone sounded reverent. However, there was still a touch of arrogance in it.

"What are you up to?" Aaron asked as he pressed the button on the remote control again. The glass wall then retracted, and the greenhouse became closed once more.

"Um... I'm reading some books," Ximena turned the page of a fashion design book as she answered vaguely. Some dictionaries and reference books were also scattered on the table beside her.

"I will pick you up for dinner in a little while." Aaron felt somewhat stiff and self-conscious, but he still commanded like an emperor.

Ximena rolled her eyes at his request and then frowned. "May I stay?" She closed her book and then added, "I'm not hungry."

"..." Aaron noticed that Ximena was un

ring at her with daggers in her eyes.

Zoey gave her a scornful snort and then strutted over to the sofa like a peacock. She sat down beside her and waved her hand arrogantly at the maid that scurried behind and commanded, "Give me some scented tea, not juice."

"I will do as you wish, Miss Mo," the maid replied obediently and left right away to make the tea.

Ximena ignored Zoey and pretended like she wasn't there. She usually treated aggressive people in that manner.

"Ximena Mo!" Zoey detected that she was being ignored and called Ximena's name out for attention. But Ximena continued to sip on the juice totally unfazed by her. Zoey flew off the handle and shouted, "Damn it! I'm trying to speak to you. Didn't you hear me?"

"Are you?" Ximena glanced indifferently at Zoey and said, "I only heard a dog barking just now, and there is no need for me to answer a dog."

"You bitch!" Zoey leaped out of the sofa and pointed a finger at Ximena and screamed, "What do you mean? You are such a dirty dog!"

Ximena gave a little grunt as she shrugged her shoulders unconcerned. She wasn't going to waste her time arguing with Zoey over something so meaningless. She then took a magazine and began to read.

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