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   Chapter 912 Extra Story 50 Of Aaron The Cause Of The Accident

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The corners of his mouth curled up into sneer and he snorted, but his eyes were full of undetected attachment. He was amazed at how fate had played her games on him.

It turned out that the brother he dreaded was the one where he owed his life to. Ted couldn't help but shake his head in disbelief. He was amazed at how fate had played her games on him.

Aaron sat on the edge of the sickbed, caressing Ximena's sleeping cheeks with his rough big palm covered by tiny scratches. Her face was pale, almost in a dead gray color, as if anytime she was going to fade like a flower beginning to wither.

While he was in the middle of his reverie, the door of the ward was opened gently, and Ken walked in. He looked at Ximena, who was still in asleep, and then walked forward with light steps, saying in a low voice, "Your Highness."

Too immersed in his thoughts, Aaron did not respond, but his cold face was gradually shrouded by hostility. "The man who made Miss Mo fall down has been caught,"

Ken continued in a low voice. "He was temporarily locked up in the freezer now." "Cut off his hands and feet and send them to his family,"

with eyes growing dark, Aaron said calmly, as if he were talking about cutting a cabbage or a radish.

Knowing his boss, Ken was not surprised at all. He nodded, turned around and was about to leave... "Wait. Who is it?"

stopping him, Aaron asked suddenly.

Retracing his hands from the doorknob, Ken paused and turned to look at Aaron. For the first time, he had an urge not to tell him, but he knew he had to. "It's Claude Li." "Claude..."

With a voice full of hatred, Aaron murmured. Suddenly, he thought of something and his eyes became furious, while his palm which was caressing Ximena's face was also withdrawn. He turned around, looked at Ken, and asked sharply, "The Claude from the Leng's Corporations?" "Yes,"

Ken said gravely, looking at Aaron's expression while heaving a sigh stealthily.

Three days ago, the breathtaking pressure in the multi-function conference room at the Leng's Corporations' headquarters made people attending the conference hope that they would never have been through that conference in their lifetime.

Everyone walked into the conference room with a heavy heart and a frowned face. Their days that started to be a great one was ruined by the ruthless conference.

The senior executives of the Leng's Corporations were sitting quietly in their seats, and even dared not look up at the person who was sitting at the head of the desk. Each of them felt his own breath

ide the manor, watching the clean place under the sun, far away from the noisy city, and a touch of a smile flickered in his eyes. A warm scene was gradually spreading in front of him.

"Giggle, giggle, giggle... Mommy, you can't catch me... Giggle, giggle, giggle..." A boy was playing with his mom happily.

"I got you! I got you..."

"Ha ha ha..." The mom then caught her child and both laughed out loudly.

As Aaron was lost in the thought of such a warm scene, he was gradually beaming. In his imaginary scene, Ximena and their child's voice were as carefree as the sounds of angels singing in chorus.

The scene gradually vanished in his thought as Aaron lowered his eyes and laughed at himself. He then raised his head, looked around and thought happily, 'She should be in a much better mood here, right? In the future, our children will also be very cheerful living here.'

He observed the manor being built within three months, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, facing the coastline, where she would wake up early in the morning with the scent of flowers and the sound of seagulls. 'Would she like it?' he wondered curiously.

'Ximena, I can't wait any longer. I don't want to wait for you to confess your love for me. I want to start a family with you, a complete family, and have a child who will be born under good wishes of all, '

As the gentle wind blew upon his face at that moment, Aaron's heart was filled with wishes and dreams for the family he would create together with Ximena. 'Right here on this manor, we will live happily and peacefully. Ximena, I will love you, care for you and protect you all my life, ' with all his heart, Aaron made his promise silently.

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