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   Chapter 911 Extra Story 49 Of Aaron The Cause Of The Accident

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7880

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A deafening silence spread through the corridor, everyone that heard the doctor's announcement went blank in an instant as if a blanket was thrown upon them. The doctor's last few words made everyone's faces frozen at this moment. Some couldn't help but gasp in shock while others held their hands in their mouth in disbelief. The three men except for Aaron found the news so unbelievable yet disheartening.

"She's pregnant?" With the creases increasing in a furrow on his forehead, James rushed forward by pushing his wheelchair and asked anxiously. His sound was not as calm as usual but was filled with mixed feelings of strong hostility for anyone who had caused the accident and full of deep concern for Ximena.

Hearing his question, the doctor twitched the corner of his mouth, nodded heavily, looked at Aaron—now the real powerful ruler of QY Island, and said in a solemn voice, "I am sorry, but despite our best effort, the baby in Miss Mo's womb still could not be saved." Pausing for a while, to give Aaron some time to let the bad news sync into him, the doctor heaved a deep sigh. "One of the reasons was that I think, on the one hand, Miss Mo's emotional depression was not very good for the baby in her womb. On the other hand, after falling down from such a high place today, although Miss Mo did not seem to be seriously injured, the baby in the womb could not withstand the mother's accumulated emotional depression," the doctor continued.

Aaron did not say anything but listened quietly to what the doctor said.

At the very moment, he didn't want to blame anyone else, but only had the thought that he should take full responsibility for the accident. He couldn't help but be angry at himself, if only he had not brought Ximena to that place and if only he didn't lead her towards that staircase. Aaron had a lot of ifs on his mind yet he told himself, 'It's too late. The baby's gone and I could no longer bring the little angel back.'

"How is she now?" As he asked the doctor, Aaron's voice was, however, indifferent, not revealing any of his emotions.

"She hasn't woken up yet, and later will be sent to the ward for her recovery," the doctor said gravely. "You can see her at the ward later on."

Left with no choice but to accept the fact, Aaron nodded and motioned the doctor to go back to his work while ignoring the

iet that it was not like his usual behavior at all.

With his hands steady on the steering wheel, Ted drove through the bustling, drizzling night of QY Island, catching a glimpse of the neon lights passing by with a faint sadness. Then with the silhouette of the lights, Ted suddenly recalled a memory on the back of his mind. That year, he and James had just celebrated their eighth birthday in M Country. He sneaked out after he had a small spat with James, but unfortunately, he was caught in the middle of a terrorist attack.

Until now, the scene etched fresh on his mind and he still remembered how close he was to death and how he escaped from it. He met a young boy in his struggle to escape and that boy was the one who saved his life. He only remembered that the boy had a lightning tattoo on his left lower back but didn't know that the boy was Aaron back then. Until one day… Ted had one distinct character that he had, ever since a child, his mother would notice that he was such a keen observer. The moment he saw something, he would remember that even the very tiny details. Growing up, he inadvertently knew that the logo of His Highness was the symbol of the lightning. They believed it stands for extreme power and vast influence. Some even regarded the symbol as the wrath of punishment that they even trembled at the sight of it.

One day, unintentionally, he caught a glimpse of the lightning tattoo on Aaron's left lower back that showed up when he got angry. For so many years, the savior he kept thinking of turned out to be his half-brother.

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