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   Chapter 910 Extra Story 48 Of Aaron Danger

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Ximena waved her hands unconsciously when she lost her balance. Aaron grabbed hold of her but he also slipped. He tried to steady himself, but Ximena clung on to him tightly like grasping at the last straw for her as her body fell backward...

The woman's scream and the sound of rolling bodies resounded through the graveyard in a drizzle. The eerie sound added an ominous air and brought fort chills to every person that was at the graveyard at that moment.

"Be quick! Be quick!"

"Watch out! It's a pregnant woman!"

Urgent calls mingled with the staff's hurried steps as they pushed the hospital bed along the corridor in the hospital. Ximena was lying in the bed, unconscious. There were many cutting wounds on her face, and her wet dress sticking to her legs was stained with blood. All of those revealed the terrible and serious accident they had encountered.

Behind the bed was Aaron whose one arm was unable to move because of a fatal injury. His stone cold face was full of the same wounds as Ximena's while his clothes were stained with blood and dirt.

He followed Ximena all the way to the operating room and stopped at the door. He repressed all of his anger and didn't say anything to the doctors, only hoping that they could perform the operation without further pressure.

"Sorry for being late, Your Highness," said Ken as he ran up to Aaron. "Your arm..."

"It's nothing serious!" With his cold eyes full of great fury, Aaron spat angrily.

Annoyed yet afraid to show his annoyance, Ken knitted his eyebrows tightly. He glanced at the closed door of the operating room, and his heart sank in disappointment. In his mind, he wondered, 'What happened in the graveyard? His Highness was planning to confess his love to Miss Mo at the manor he prepared for her, but how did things turn out like this?'

Several more people appeared at the elevator and rushed to them hurriedly. Their steps disturbed the silence in the corridor again adding more pain to Aaron's burdened heart.

Ted pushed James in his wheelchair following Aldrich and Gale, every face was with a terrible look.

"How is your injury?" Examining him from head to toe, Aldrich asked with concern when he saw Aaron's


Sitting uncomfortably in his wheelchair, James waited quietly, his heart flooding with invisible anguish. At the thought of Ximena, he felt ashamed of himself for he had refused the woman he loved in a cruel way and pushed her into the arms of another man. Nobody could really understand the pains he endured at the bottom of his heart.

Shutting the thought of his mind, he dropped his gaze and let out a silent sigh. Despite his worries about Ximena, he also felt relieved that she managed to get Aaron's love. He thought to himself, 'She will definitely live a happy life at Aaron's side. Aaron had experienced his parents' separation and grew up in loneliness, so he must cherish his love and children much more than most people do.'

No other sounds could be heard in the corridor except their heavy breathing. The only thing that they could do there was to keep waiting and praying for Ximena's survival.

Soon, it was already four hours after Ximena was sent inside the operating room.

All of a sudden, the door of the operating room was pushed open from inside.

Everyone looked towards the door expectantly with eyes full of hopes. The doctor stepped out of the room.

Not minding his injuries, Aaron quickly walked up to the doctor. He stared at him and asked in a low voice, "How is she now?"

"Miss Mo is safe now. However..." The doctor paused as he sighed deeply and looked pitifully at Aaron's wishful eyes.

"She lost the baby she was expecting."

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