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   Chapter 909 Extra Story 47 Of Aaron Danger

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7041

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Perched on the gravestone was a photo of a woman who was wearing a bright grin, yet she wasn't able to smile like that anymore.

"Jenna," Aldrich wiped off beads of raindrops on the photo with his handkerchief. In a serious tone, he said, "I'm sorry for being late."

All of the complex feelings in his mind were contained in such few words. Such a short remark yet contained his sorrow, regrets, and guilt for the woman.

With the soliloquy of the moments, he quietly stared at the photo, and his eyes gradually became wet.

All this time, he owed her a lot of grief because of his youthful arrogance. He was so careless, not thinking about the consequences of his acts after all these years. Although he wanted to make up with her for his mistakes, he never had the opportunity to do that especially now, when everything was too late.

With bitter tears in his eyes, he gently touched the cold gravestone with hands full of age spots. Staring forward, he let out a deep sigh. "Aaron is full of promise. I'm old enough to step down, and I'm relieved to have him take over for me. Jenna, you bore me a good son." With emotions of mixed thankfulness and regret, he smiled as he looked down at the photo. "He's exactly as arrogant as me when I was young, and he always manages to get anything he wants. He was so very me." Together with the cold gush of the steamy air, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Now that he's able to handle everything by himself, there's nothing for me to worry about anymore. I'm planning to settle down in the Netherlands. I will build a garden there and enjoy a life without disputes. Jenna, see you in my next life. If we can come across each other again, I will definitely love you with all my heart and be together with you just as what you wanted. I am so sorry for everything."

The raindrops that thinned earlier suddenly fell down heavily from the edges of his umbrella and on his body. The cold and the chill reminded him of the sadness in his heart and the woeful fact that would never change.

"Sir, we need to get back now," the driver said as he took

o feel troubled anymore. I will take you to the manor that I have prepared exclusively for you. We will build our new home and live our new lives there, without disputes, sadness, and separation.'

Raindrops formed a curtain of water in front of them. Gradually, they approached that stair step which was shining strangely and was shedding every drop of water falling upon it. Aaron and Ximena were both so deep in their thoughts that neither of them noticed the difference on that stair. They slowly moved upstairs, hand in hand, step by step.

'Aaron, what will you say or do when you know about the baby? Will you be delighted at this new member of our family? I know you're implying that I should brace myself up and be brave enough to acknowledge my love for you. However, will there be a good result for me if I do so?' she thought.

'Ximena, I brought you here today because I want to tell Mom that I will live a new life with you. I want a real home with you, and with our child, ' he thought.

They were silent yet they exchanged thoughts all within their selves. Two souls united yet so distant that they could not tell each other the abundance of their hearts. They stepped on that strange stair at the same time and then lifted their foot to take the first step. All of a sudden, Ximena's foot supporting her bodies slip, and when she stumbled, they both snapped out of their trances.

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