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   Chapter 908 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5975

Updated: 2019-06-29 00:02

Brian smiled gently. He looked at the food on the plate, passed it to Molly, and said, "Have some food first and I'll take you somewhere later."

"Where are we going?" curiously, Molly asked.

"A place that will give you the romance you want." Giving her a sly grin, Brian said casually but Molly's face was full of anticipation and joy after she heard his reply.

Seeing the animation in her face, Brian also got pleased. A sweet smile crept over his face at the sight of his wife's cute expression. In this life, Brian had learned that, different people had different ways to express their love. Richie liked to give Shirley freedom and let her do whatever she wanted to do. Brian preferred to enjoy the process of guessing what Molly was thinking about. Though he lived a hectic life, it brought him much pleasure to guess her thoughts despite his busy schedule.

After they ate some food, Brian led her wife to the car and they went to a western restaurant. Although it was not time to have dinner yet, there was not a single guest in the restaurant and Molly felt it strange. After all, it was one of the most famous western restaurants in Dragon Island.

"Did you book the whole restaurant? How come there were no guests this evening? It's so unusual." Looking at his blank face, Molly could only figure out this explanation. But knowing his husband, she knew that he had set something special for her this evening.

Pulling out a chair for her and motioning her to sit down, Brian nodded. After Molly sat down, he took a seat opposite to her. Just then, when they had seated themselves comfortably, a waiter came up with a bouquet of Rosa Champagne.

Brian stood up and took the bouquet from the waiter. Stepping towards Molly, he gazed at her and said, "It is not diffic

knew how much she cared for Spark and how much she missed him.

Brian had sought out the world's top doctors for Spark. With Sam's medicines, his hands gradually recovered. And now, he was able to play the violin again.

Spark, wearing a white V-neck shirt, a sky-blue suit, a pair of white trousers and white shoes, gazed at Molly and walked slowly towards her when he played "A Mark of Summer" over and over again. With his endearing eyes, he gazed at Molly with a bright beaming smile.

Slowly approaching her, he said to her in his heart, 'Mol, with your concern, how can I not be good?'

The moment when Molly saw his figure, she was unable to hold back her tears any more. The tears ran down her cheeks to the corners of her mouth.

The salty tears tasted sweet and time seemed to stand still at the moment. She was held frozen as if time had stopped ticking and the world stood still. With gratefulness overflowing in her heart, Molly thanked God for letting her have the two men she loved most. They were both very important for her and were indispensable in her heart.

Having the two of them in her life, she could never be so happy, and she could never wish for more.

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