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   Chapter 907 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Five)

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"I second the nomination." While nodding his head in approval, the Chief Commissioner was the first to rise to the occasion.

"I second that."

"I second that."

One after another echo of compliment came. Eric nodded and said, "Since unanimously adopted, it's settled. Chief Commissioner, I want you to show Addison around this afternoon."

"Yes, sir." Standing at ease, the Chief Commissioner replied with a snappy voice.

After the ceremony, everyone had dinner together in a restaurant of the National Congress. The atmosphere at the dinner was much more casual than at the ceremony. There were still factions in the National Congress, but no one would be so silly to make trouble at the ceremony. After all, as three generations of the power gathered here, no one would ask for trouble at the big moment when the grandson of Richie, the predecessor in power, went into the National Congress.

Overwhelmed at the moment, Molly stood by Brian's side. Her eyes focused on Mark who was dealing with reporters and members of National Congress, and she suddenly asked, "What genes do you have in your family?"

"What do you mean?" Confused, Brian looked towards Molly.

"You and Wing are smart; maybe that's because your parents are smart. But why are Mark, Charlie and Evelyn also so smart?" The thought of the three children made Molly burst with joy. It was every parent's dream to see their children be outstanding among people and she was no exception.

"Well, thank God that they didn't get that from you." Looking at her wife, Brian answered in all seriousness.

Hearing his answer, Molly managed an artificial smile. With her eyes glaring at him and her teeth gnashing, she said, "I beg your pardon!"

Brian met her eyes squarely. Looking at her angry face, he said with sincerity, repeating it again, "Thank God that they didn't get that from you."

Molly responded with a grim smile. "Brian…" she said slowly and coldly. Seeing the evil smile on her

hat, she took her eyes off Brian in anger and murmured to herself, 'Why is it so hard to get a few sweet words coming out of your mouth?' The more she thought about it, the madder she grew. She cursed him bitterly in her heart.

With her back turned against him, Molly was whelmed in her thoughts and she didn't discover that Brian had come back. "Are you cursing me?" Brian asked. The sudden sound brought Molly out of her thoughts. She could no longer tolerate his stubbornness in ridiculing and playing jokes on her.

Obviously, she was not in the mood to bother with him, so she turned her back and did not answer him. She thought to herself, 'Although my father-in-law also wears a poker face all the time, he is obedient to mother-in-law. Why can't Brian be as nice to me as father was to mother? Where on earth does Brian inherit his haughty personality from?'

Suddenly, a low, rustling sound drew her attention. Turning her head, she beheld a scrumptious food in front of her, and joy filled her heart. She cast her eyes towards Brian delightedly when she heard him said, "Mol, all you need to know is that I love you. Perhaps I cannot satisfy your romantic dreams, but I know what's on your mind."

"I just hate it when you know my thoughts but you do nothing," said Molly with a pretentious pout.

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