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   Chapter 906 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6600

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Time flew by so fast like an arrow that flew from a stretched bow and years passed by like a shuttle beating the rush of passengers. Days hastily turned into years and the twins, Charlie and Evelyn, grew so fast and were three years old now. Addison had also accomplished the exchange study in special force of the State Parliament and would attend a medal-conferring ceremony, to be officially awarded as a candidate of the power.

On that day, Richie, Shirley, Weston, Wing, Brian, Molly, and the rest of the family got up especially early. They were so eager to prepare for the ceremony. The men sat around in the living room chatting while the women were preparing the family breakfast in the kitchen. Today would be a special day and everything had really turned out beautifully and peacefully.

"Boo-hoo!" Suddenly, a cry burst forth from the house. The people in the kitchen looked at each other when they heard the baby cry, but when they heard the hubbub in the living room the men had made, they burst into waves of laughter.

"Wing, do you find it difficult to take care of the baby?" With her head low, Molly asked while whisking eggs.

Surprised by the casual question, Wing smiled gently and shook her head. Her eyes gleamed with joy as she said, "In my case, the baby is always well-behaved. It's Weston who usually takes care of the baby. Thus, I'm not so tired." As she said that, she turned to Molly, "How about you? Charlie, that naughty boy is no less mischievous than Brian when he was a child."

Hearing this, Molly's mind strayed back to many pleasant memories that happened between Brian and Charlie. Molly couldn't help laughing and said, "I'm all right. It's Bri who usually takes care of Charlie." With a smile on her face, Molly couldn't help laughing at how Brian and Charlie could never get along with each other well. They were like a living proof of the old proverb: "A father's worst enemy is his own son."

Every time the father and s

reminisce the memory, thinking that it might spoil her mood. Moreover, she had already had Daniel, Bri, Mark, Charlie, and Evelyn. Her life could be said to be perfect, and she was thankful and contented with what she had.

After having breakfast, the group headed to the Parliament Building, the place that represented the supreme power of Dragon Island.

In the Parliament Building, the crowd was beginning to thicken as visitors and guests arrived to witness the ceremony.

As the holder of power, Eric pinned a boutonniere for Mark, which symbolized his status as the successor. Everyone present rose to salute him respectfully, "Your Highness!" As Brian and Molly watched their son talk on the stage, they thought Mark had grown up. He was no longer the dumb, self-abased child he once was.

"Thank you." After the pinning Mark gave his thanks and bowed slightly to the audience.

Proud of him, Eric grinned and gave him a thumbs-up sign secretly. Then he turned to look at the members of the National Congress and said solemnly, "Addison will be appointed to the administrative director of the National Congress. Do you have any comments?" In this promoted position, Mark would learn about management and administrative processes. It would be his first step to officially taking over the parliament.

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